How To Cheat Without Getting Caught? 6 Fundamental Tips

You are not happy in your marriage and you are looking for one or more extramarital encounters?

You don’t have to feel guilty because if you feel that the magic and sexual chemistry with your partner have come to an end, that’s when cheating might be the only way to get back to feeling alive.

As long as you never let your wife or husband find out about it it’s definitely not the way to go to court and divorce. And here are the best tips for becoming a professional and discreet cheater!

1. Become a techno-traitor


Today, we all know everything about everyone: living in marriage also means sharing, for better or worse, our secrets. In fact, within a couple, it is very easy for the partner to discover even our innermost secrets or our worst skeletons in the closet: for this reason, to protect your privacy you will have to become a techno-traditor!

You will therefore have to take advantage of smartphones and the Internet to arrange your extramarital encounters, but always be careful to conceal your tracks and never to give access to those around you, including your husband or wife.

2. Select your lover carefully


When you cheat, you create a kind of fork in the road in your marriage: a detour that could be a shortcut through the woods of passion or a highway in the sunlight that could take you very far from your marriage.

If you don’t want to get to Divorceville, then make sure you choose a lover who is sober, who doesn’t talk too much, and who is aware that you are married and that that is simply a side story that can never have extra developments.

3. Learn to move discreetly

One of the most effective ways to entertain extramarital encounters is to use real hookup sites, but you must learn to be discreet, protect your privacy, and prevent anyone from finding out about you, including your wife or husband’s friends and girlfriends, who may be hanging out on the same site to find a partner.

For this reason, NEVER enter any data or nicknames that could be traced back to you, and in this specific case, obviously, avoid profile photos!

4. Cheating professionally online: more tips


There are other useful tips for cheating online discreetly and professionally: first of all, create an e-mail account for this specific purpose, and never save your login information on your browser to avoid nasty surprises.

While you’re at it, whenever you access a dating site online, clear your browser cache to avoid leaving traces: then, if you want to keep things clean, subscribe to a VPN connection so you don’t leave your IP lying around.

Finally, when arranging extramarital encounters, always do it out of town, and be extra careful to set up a story that is actually believable to your partner.

5. Last piece of advice: put your mind at ease


One of the best ways to let your partner know you are cheating is to get nervous: learn to be icy and take cheating as fun or a game because nervous tension could lead you to make mistakes fatal to your marriage.

6. Establish a clear and concise plan before taking any action


It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and feel like you need to take action right away. But if you don’t have a clear plan, you could end up wasting time and effort – not to mention, making things worse.

Before you do anything, sit down and establish a clear and concise plan. What are your goals? What are your objectives? What are the steps you need to take to get there? Once you have a plan, you can execute it with confidence, knowing that you’re on the right track.

Take measures to avoid detection, such as using a separate email account or phone number for communication with your cheating partner.

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