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How To Buy Instagram Followers (Cheap, Real & Instant)

It’s really difficult to find a social media platform more popular than Instagram. Well, TikTok is definitely popular now among Gen Z-ers, but it’s a completely different thing — Instagram was there long before TikTok and has built a stable and, let’s be frank, huge active audience for any kind of visual content, not just videos.

Followers are what matter the most on Instagram these days — without a stable and big amount of them your account has a high chance of looking not trustworthy enough to deal with. This is particularly why you might want to grow your audience in a quick way — through buying followers from “Soc-Promotion”:

It’s important to note that you have to take care of your profile apart from buying followers (Don’t forget likes, though. They’ve always been the first priority for Instagrammers, hence many people buy Instagram likes): create and execute a solid social media marketing strategy, publish creative and genuine posts on a regular basis, and cater your content to your target audience.

Buying followers in these conditions will create a great boost to your visibility and credibility. You need a good first impression for people who will visit your profile for the first time, and the amount of followers is the thing they look at nearly immediately.

What’s so important about followers being real?


Some services (most of them, actually) offer bots or real users as your soon-to-be followers. We highly recommend you opt for the real followers option. There are many reasons to do so, actually:

  • first of all, it’s safer for your account, Instagram actively detects and suspends accounts that have massive bot activity. If you get an instant of thousands of no-name bots following you, chances are high you’ll get banned really soon. Smart delivery of real followers won’t cause these things, on the contrary;
  • people just know when you have a lot of bots on your page. Anyone can see the list of people following you, and if all they can see there is a bunch of accounts with randomly generated usernames and without profile pics, they’ll know you don’t have that many real people following you. It’s in your interest to have your audience as real as possible;
  • bots are kind of dead weight on your profile. They don’t generate any activity, they have zero engagement with your posts, and they won’t even visit your profile. As we said — the dead weight, you don’t need them to mess with your metrics;
  • real users, on the contrary, can and most definitely will visit your account, create an engagement with your content, and look authentic enough for people to trust your credibility. They also won’t get your profile banned — we think it’s a huge reason to choose this option.

Real followers give you real growth and a lot of potential to increase your marketing stakes. But in many cases, there’s already another question coming up from those who consider buying followers.

This is why “Soc-Promotion” is the best site to buy followers from. You can choose a package of 100-50000 real followers with a really low drop rate that looks almost like the organic one. Besides, the service uses smart delivery and has great prices for any budget.

Will anyone find out about the purchase?

If you use a purchase like that only as an addition to other techniques of promotion, everything will work out smoothly and you won’t even get to worry about it. If you buy real Instagram followers for an account that has a package-appropriate number of posts and at least a bit of activity, a rapid increase won’t go unnoticed but will look organic and not suspicious at all.

On the other hand, if you’re about to buy 30000 followers for the account you’ve just created, you might want to reconsider your decision as it will look extremely suspicious both for the Instagram algorithm and for any use that will visit your account. Don’t abuse this option and use it wisely.


In conclusion, the answer is no, no one will notice you bought some followers if you run an active account with regular posting. And if you don’t, here’s your motivation to create a good plan for content and fill your profile with great posts that will benefit you in the long run.

Besides, buying followers is really easy — especially if you do it with “Soc-Promotion”. All you have to do is choose your package, enter the email where they can send you a receipt and update you on your order status, and then enter the username of the account you’re about to promote. After that, you can pay for the service, and voila — in a few hours your new followers will start to drop in. You can use this opportunity however you like — to increase engagement, create better visibility, or direct some traffic to your website.

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