10 Must-Have Things in Your Office

Having to work from Monday to Friday can be a bit draining. Although you need the job, who says you cannot make your office a little bit fun. There are some items you can add to your office to make working easier and enjoyable.

These items need to be readily available whenever you need them. Some of these items may still be for work, but some can be personal. In this post, we highlight the top ten things you must not miss in your office. Read on.

1. A Calendar


Having the main calendar on the premises is not enough; every office needs its calendar to keep up to date on your schedule. You don’t have to open your computer or phone every time you want to check on dates and events. Having a table calendar on your desk with little reminder notes will be a beneficial tool in the office. If you are into designs, you can choose a unique calendar to display on your desk.

2. A Notebook


Ensure you have a notebook and a pen on your desk readily available when you need to note down something. Sometimes you can get a call and they give you information like contact, emails, or address and you need to note them down. It will be easier if you have these two items on the go.

Also, brilliant ideas can pop up in mind anytime and you need to write them down so you don’t forget. It is also prudent to attend meetings with a notebook to note down any important information mentioned.

3. Hand Sanitizer

With the recent happenings, hand sanitizers have proven to be quite beneficial. During the up and down of the busy day, you might encounter a lot of germs and end up forgetting to wash your hands. Having a sanitizer on your desk will jog your memory and you will stay clean. If you want to grab a quick snack, you can just sanitize your hands first without the hassle of going to find water and soap.

4. Perfume and Lotion


Yes, it is crucial to have lotion and some perfume in your office. The lotion will come in handy when you have washed your hands and they need to be moistened. Some people even have incidents at the office where they need to shower, having lotion in sight will be very helpful. Also, perfume aids in ensuring you have a pleasant smell throughout the day. You can keep the perfume in a nice perfume bottle box at for easy access.

5. Water Bottle

If you want to stay productive all through the day, then never forget your water bottle. Water bottles are essential items everyone should carry around. Staying hydrated promotes your productivity at work while keeping you healthy. Enough water facilitates optimum body functions, meaning you will be alert when performing your duties. Buy a lovely water bottle with calibrations to monitor your fluid intake. You can also buy branded water bottles in bulk and sell them to your colleagues. This way you can help and earn at the same time.

6. Extra Pair of Shoes


Going through the day in heels can be exhausting and sometimes you just want to work with some comfortable shoes that will ease the tension. Store a pair of sandals or sneakers in your office for such times. Sneakers are especially helpful when you are sent on an errand. They are comfortable and will allow you to walk at a faster pace.

7. Snacks


Hunger kills motivation and the will to work. You need to re-energize once in a while with some healthy snacks. Keep a handful of various snacks in your office to give you energy whenever you are feeling too tired and hungry, examples of healthy snacks are almond, cashew nuts, flax seeds, figs, etc. if you are a bit naughty, you can also have some junk snacks like a bag of crisps, popcorns, or marshmallows.

8. Comfortable Chair

Sitting in the office the whole day can result in health issues that are avoidable. Find an ergonomic chair that gives you comfort and promotes your efficiency at work. You can request your superiors to provide these chairs since they are also responsible for your health. Convince them of how productive you will be with such a chair. You can source these kinds of furniture from procurement services companies across the globe.

9. Tissues


Having a box of tissue is necessary anywhere you are. Tissues come in handy in several ways, from wiping tears to spilled liquids and when you need to sneeze. Imagine sneezing without covering your mouth; it will be very embarrassing for you, hence the need for always having a box at your office.

10. Phone Charger and Headphones


Having two chargers is life-saving since you can leave one at home and another in the office. You might want to communicate with someone urgently, but then you forgot your only charger at home. Having one at the office will save you from immense stress. Headphones will help you when you want to listen to some music or podcast, and you want to prevent distracting your coworkers.


Getting ourselves personal items at work that may help in productivity is crucial. Being in the office sometimes gets boring, especially when you are done with your duties. You can have items that will keep you busy to avoid sleeping at work. There are more items you can include on your list, but the above are the essential ones.

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