How To Write 5 Paragraph Essay – Basics

Are you looking for the best way to score good marks in essay writing assignments? It is crucial to look for the best possible solution to clear an exam in shining marks. However, to succeed as a pro, you need to combine hard work with smart work.

There are various ways to score the highest marks in essay writing. We will discuss the easiest way to write a five-paragraph essay for your school or college assignment. But you can also avail the experts’ services or learn the main points to write a best-quality essay!

Points to Consider While Writing 5 Paragraph Essay

We’ll discuss how to write a five-paragraph essay for ant subject or topic and simple-yet-effective tips for finishing a successful essay. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

1. Research


Dive right into your study, seeking all the relevant facts to write a masterpiece essay. It would help if you collected more than you’ll need for this step because it’s far easier to eliminate unnecessary details and focus better on relevant information.

Some students find research a straightforward procedure, while others may need more time to grasp this fundamental component of collegiate writing.

The pro tip to do the best research is to search for the PowerPoint slides and pdf guides of students who had uploaded them online. You can find a lot of information in no time where you have a similar assignment ready.

2. Introduction


The introduction of any essay is crucial to decide whether the upcoming detail will be relevant or not. It will help if you write a good introduction so that the reader develops an interest in reading the essay. To write a catchy introduction, you need to include the main idea and concept you will cover.

In one sentence, state your primary thesis or what the essay is about. The thesis statement is usually one line long and contains the essay’s topic, focus, and three main ideas. There is an option to take essay help online to save time by getting an expert’s help.

3. Body


The essay’s body is divided into three paragraphs, each limited to one idea that supports your thesis. Each part should have a clear topic sentence, which is a sentence that expresses the paragraph’s main concept. The first paragraph should have the strongest argument and the most significant examples.

Include as much detail and discussion as is necessary to explain the paragraph’s main point. To make your ideas evident and convincing, you should try to include more facts and figures. Try to start every paragraph of the body with a transition word.

The topic sentence informs your reader about the topic of the paragraph. Supporting sentences will make up the rest of the paragraph. At least four of these sentences will explain your topic sentence to your reader. You must avoid bouncing from one topic to the next to write a perfect essay.

4. Summary/Conclusion


It is the fifth and last paragraph of your essay. The reader will read the conclusion at last and take essential points. So, it must be well-written and free from any irrelevant or not-so-important details.

You should summarize your primary points and restate your thesis in the end. Without introducing a new issue, the conclusion should wrap up everything that has been mentioned thus far. To write a good summary, you must develop a strategy to give your reader a sense of closure.

Key Points To Remember


We have discussed how to write a 5 paragraph essay most efficiently. You can either write essays yourself or can also consult an expert. We have a few points that can help you write like a pro.

  1. Do not compromise on collecting relevant information when researching as it will spoil the essay quality.
  2. Try to come up with easy-to-understand relatable examples to give a clear idea about details. Examples make it easier to grasp what the writer is trying to explain.
  3. In the body, ensure to use all three paragraphs discussing different points, and each of them should be interlinked to the previous one.
  4. Lastly, wind up the essay with a short and to-the-point summary of the whole essay.


A high-quality essay must consist of informative details backed by thorough research. Once the facts are clear, write the essay in five paragraphs starting with the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. To score good marks in essay writing, you can follow the details we’ve discussed here, or if you still find any confusion consult an expert!

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