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Windows 11 announced to have built-in top/bottom split in portrait mode

The rumor mill says the Windows 10 on ARM project was cancelled recently. As far as I can tell, Microsoft is still plugging away at the successor to Windows 8. In the meantime, the company is planning to improve its traditional desktop and notebook products. For example, the upcoming Windows 10 will have built-in picture-in-picture mode that will allow you to display two different video sources like a video player and another app simultaneously. Microsoft calls this feature “Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Split-View”, and it will work for both desktop and full-screen apps.

Windows 10 has been available for a couple of months now, and the Windows Insider Program has been rolling out Windows 10 to millions of loyal Windows users as we speak. While the general consensus is that the OS is a solid update to Windows 8.1, there are some lingering concerns that the OS will not be as user friendly as people hoped.

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  • Users are excited about the brand new functionality that Windows 11 offers.
  • The addition of a standing partition above/below was a welcome addition.
  • Many are wondering why this change was not made when Windows 10 still prevailed.
  • Many users currently rely on third-party applications to achieve the same results as with the new built-in feature.

One of the most requested features that users have been dreaming about for ages is now available with the release of a new version of Windows. Social media went into a frenzy upon seeing this big news, as users took to the internet to let others know that they no longer needed to use third-party tools to achieve their goals.

New split-screen portrait feature

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As we mentioned earlier, users flooded social media sites with news of their favorite new feature in Windows 11. In a thread on Reddit, a tech-savvy user showed his colleagues how the operating system’s new split-screen feature works and how to easily organize active apps. With just a few moves, you can multitask like a pro on your phone, tablet or portrait screen. Go to the application and drag it to the right to bring it back to the top of the screen. You can then open a second application, which swipes to the left and attaches to the bottom of the screen. Later, you can adjust the size ratio via the middle setting options, depending on what needs more attention. Pretty simple, right?

It’s time to stop using third-party applications for effective screen sharing

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Many users who responded to the Reddit thread above said they weren’t even aware of the change and are still using some third-party apps to get the same results. I’m currently using Fancyzones, but that’s not really the right solution for this problem, because it doesn’t allow you to dynamically resize the tiles. The vast majority of users are still shocked that this feature is not available in Windows 10 and that they had to wait so long for such a simple integration. This is good news though, as the introduction of this feature means that most of us can stop using other services to manage multitasking and rely solely on our preferred operating system. What is your opinion on this change? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussion

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