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8 Unexpected Reasons To Use A VPN – 2024 Guide

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an internet service that encrypts all your traffic and routes it through a remote location. The remote site works as an intermediary between you and the internet. It means that a VPN also protects your privacy. A VPN can connect to any of our countries in the world. You can use a VPN with almost any device, including computers, mobile phones, smart TVs, and routers.

Many people use VPNs like for some common reasons, such as safety, privacy. However, in this blog, we will mention some unexpected reasons for you to use a VPN.

1. Protect Your Smart Home

As we lead more digital lives, our homes also become smarter. You may have a home automation system such as a Nest thermostat connected to a central network.

Some of these devices are very secure right out of the box, and others can be exceedingly vulnerable. The types of attacks against these devices can steal your private data, such as passwords and credit card information, or they can allow hackers to control your entire network remotely.

When you use a VPN to connect to the internet, all the traffic from your home network first travels to the remote VPN server before heading out onto the internet. It means that even if a hacker successfully breaks into your router, they will only be able to access the encrypted traffic sent between you and the VPN server.

The similar effect can be achieved with a proxy server. The proxy provides a gateway between users and the internet making the online space more secure. With the secure space, your information will be safe as well. However, finding the right proxy server can be tricky, but we can help you out. For more information please visit: ISP reseller 

2. Protect Your Bitcoins

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin has also come an increase in attacks against cryptocurrency. One of the easiest ways for malicious actors to steal your bitcoins is by gaining access to your private keys.

If you hold a large sum of Bitcoins, you can use a VPN bitcoin payment to hide your credit card information from others while keeping your private keys safe on your local device while buying a VPN. When you want to spend some of your bitcoins, simply connect to the remote server, send the payment and disconnect again.

3. Post Anonymously Online

Proving your identity is a thing that most people do not want to deal with. For example, one of the reasons personal identity is so valuable is that it lets us do things that have little or no value for society-like reporting the truth and exposing fraud. But because our identities are so valuable, we rarely report on concrete problems. We also rarely expose corruption in government and other public services to protect our identities.

What we need is a way to be able to post anonymously online without fearing retaliation.

In some cases, such as whistleblowing, a VPN may be your best protection, just like in the case with VPN Bitcoin payments. Using a VPN service allows you to connect to the internet through any of our servers in over 90 countries. All your traffic is re-routed through this remote server, and no one can tell where the data originated. Not even us!

4. Unblock Netflix on Your Smart TV

There are millions of people who watch Netflix every day. However, sometimes they can’t watch a specific show because it’s not available in their area. It is largely due to rights issues or licensing restrictions.

You can also make VPN Bitcoin payments to give you an extra layer of protection when changing Netflix servers. Then, all you have to do is connect your VPN-enabled device – like a smart TV – to the internet, and you’ll be able to access Netflix as if you were in the available country.

5. Have Access to Other Gaming Regions

Not everyone has the money to buy a gaming console like PlayStation or Xbox. Even if you do, the only way to play online is usually through a paid subscription to the service. Such services usually block access from a large chunk of the world. With a VPN service, you can change your location and unblock your favorite game anywhere in the world from a different price tag you usually would pay. In this case, you will be able to make a purchase in a different currency. Potentially, it can save you a big amount of money doing so

Other than that, there are region exclusive games, that mostly happen in Japan and Chia. AS such, to have access to those games, a VPN is a good method to do so.

6. Use VoIP Services Anywhere

VoIP is a technology that allows users to make telephone calls online. The service is handled by servers that are located in the United States. By connecting to these servers, you can make phone calls all over the world.

Using a VPN service will allow you to use your smartphone as a worldwide range-telephone, regardless of its location. Although Skype is free, it requires you to have an active account with Microsoft. Other VoIP services allow you to make calls for free.

7. Cheat On Web Polls

Surveys have become a way for businesses to gather insightful information from millions of people around the world. Some of these surveys offer incentives for those who participate, such as points, money, real-world prizes, or giving away items such as t-shirts or pens with your name on them.

By participating in one of these polls, you are giving away your identity along with your personal information. So a VPN makes sure you have access to all the benefits this can brings and give you an extra layer of protection. So, protect yourself by using VPN bitcoin transactions so you don’t leave any data-related footprints at all while surfing the net.

8. To Get A Free Subscription To Streaming Devices

Many people want to read the news or watch their favorite TV shows and movies, but they may not have an online subscription said service. If you use a VPN b to buy and connect to a country with a larger library of content, you can watch as much as you want without paying a dime.

All the media outlets have different licensing agreements for different content providers. With a VPN, you can be in other countries with access to their library of content.


One of the major benefits of  VPN bitcoin payment is that it protects your privacy against the prying eyes of your ISP. With an ISP monitoring all your activity, you may be too afraid to watch some content or search for sensitive information online

A VPN will hide your identity from even the most advanced hackers, so you can enjoy full internet freedom without any concerns whatsoever.

Although there are many great reasons to use a VPN, most people use it to access media content from their home country when traveling or in another country.

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