Top 10 Vegas Hotels for Gamblers

Vegas has long been one of the best places to gamble in the entire world. There are casinos everywhere, and you can find most of your favorite casino games online. However, for gamblers who want the most action they can get, there are still some resorts that stand out more than others.

Regardless of whether you prefer video poker or blackjack, these hotels will give you the best experience. So without further ado, here is our list of top ten Las Vegas Hotels for Gamblers:

1. The Palazzo


The Palazzo is located right next door to another great hotel; The Venetian. It is also owned by the same company; Las Vegas Sands Corp. This hotel is known for its excellent gaming and comfortable atmosphere.

The largest poker room in Vegas is here, and the hotel also has a large number of blackjack tables available as well. While this hotel will not be cheap to stay at, it doesn’t cost as much as most other properties on the strip. If you like luxury without emptying your wallet, this will be one of your best bets.

2. Wynn Las Vegas


The Wynn Resort is an excellent pick for those who want to gamble and enjoy luxury at the same time. Steve Wynn built this resort after he decided that he wanted something better than the standard idea of a casino resort. He truly went all out on creating his vision, and it truly paid off.

The Wynn is full of wealthy clientele and has one of the best health spas in Las Vegas. If you enjoy luxury, this is definitely a place to go. Not everyone can experience gambling at this location, but you can always do so online and to get an atmosphere of a full-fledged casino you can join in the fun at n1-casino.

3. The Venetian


The Venetian is easily one of the most popular casinos on the strip. It’s so popular that many people don’t realize there is even more than just gambling at this resort, but there really is! There are countless shops and restaurants for guests to enjoy, as well as a whole mall outside the resort where you can pick up whatever else you may need while vacationing in Vegas.

A lot of people overlook this hotel because they think’s only a good choice if you want to gamble. However, those who prefer spending money on other activities would do well to check out the Venetian as well.

4. Caesars Palace

One of the most well-known casino resorts in all of Vegas is Caesars Palace. This hotel is known for its excellent pool and extremely popular sportsbook. There are a ton of slot machines here, but this hotel is just as popular with table game players as it is with people playing slots.

In total there are 130 tables available at this resort for you to play your favorite games on. If you enjoy gambling, this should definitely be one of your choices if you want to stay somewhere nice while having at the same time!

5. Monte Carlo Resort


The Monte Carlo is another resort that most people just think of like a casino. However, this hotel does have a lot more to offer than just gambling. There are also restaurants and shopping malls here where you can spend your money if you’re not looking to gamble.

In addition, there are 4 excellent pools here that will help you enjoy the sun while on vacation in Vegas. The Monte Carlo offers the perfect location for anyone who wants to gamble but doesn’t want to be surrounded by other gamblers all the time; there are plenty of places other than the casinos at this resort!

6. Cosmopolitan Hotel


One of the newest resorts on the strip is also one of the best as well. The Cosmopolitan offers lots of ways to gamble, but there are also a ton of other attractions here as well. There is an excellent spa that everyone should try out, as well as several shops to look at while you’re staying here.

In addition, there are a number of restaurants available if you aren’t feeling up to gambling and want a good meal instead! Just like with other resorts on this list, the Cosmo has many luxury rooms available for those who wish to spend their time in style.

7. Paris Hotel


Most people think that one hotel is just like any other; they couldn’t be more wrong! This hotel is not only amazing but it’s also filled with Parisian-themed luxury. There are several shops here where you can spend your money if gambling isn’t really your thing; in addition, there are an abundance of restaurants to enjoy during your stay. This is truly one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Las Vegas.

8. Bellagio Hotel

The Bellagio is another hotel that people often overlook for casino resorts when they visit Las Vegas. However, this place has a lot more to offer than just casinos; there are literally hundreds of shops and restaurants located in this resort alone! If you want luxury without having to spend too much time in casinos, this is definitely one of the best places to stay while vacationing in Vegas.

9. Hard Rock Hotel


One of the best hotels in Las Vegas is also one of the newest; it’s also one of the most modern resorts around! This place isn’t only luxurious but it’s stylish too. There are plenty of places to gamble here but there are also a ton of shopping venues for those who aren’t big gamblers. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a great place to stay not only because it’s inexpensive but also because it offers everything you could ever want from a hotel!

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