How to Know If You’ve Got TV Reception Problems

Coming home from a long day is certainly one of those best feelings. If you are a person who enjoys spending your free time watching tv, you will definitely be frustrated if it suddenly doesn’t work.

The problems can differ based on what the origin is. For example, you might have a bad image on your TV because of faulty equipment or because your aerial is not positioned well. In addition, there may be damaged wires, or connection errors. It is also common for certain objects to block the signal running the perception.

The question is how can you understand what is the origin of the issue when there are that many things where it can get wrong.

To make things simpler, we have made this article where we are going to talk about how can you notice that you have tv reception problems, and most importantly how to fix them.

Worsening of the image quality

The first thing that you see when you have any issue that is related to the reception is worsening of the image quality. While it is supposed to be in high definition, you might notice how the picture is becoming pixelated, or just blurry enough to ruin your experience.

This happens because the signal is not adequate for its purpose. This might implicate that you have an issue with the antenna positioning or other type of equipment problem. Items that are lowering the ability of the aerial to catch the frequencies can also be a cause for this issue.

Getting the no signal message


Sometimes when the frequencies are way too low, you might get a message when you turn to certain channels that you have no signal. This usually happens when there is a storm at the moment. Because of that the antenna has either stopped working, or it moved a little bit and lost the direction where the emitter is located.

One thing you should do is to be patient for a while and see if it fixes on its own, or just restart your tuner. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you have to inspect the aerial and notice if there are changes when you change its place.

Suddenly having fewer channels

When the reception is bad, you might only get just a few programs. For example, watching just some local programs might not be impacted so you will not even notice that you are having reception issues. However, if you are only watching programs that are directly emitted from the tower, you might get the no signal message, or just have a bad quality of the image.

That is why checking other channels occasionally, and seeing whether you still got them or not so you can find a solution quickly.

Look at the signal menu


One thing that you should practice whenever you notice a slight disturbance in the experience is looking at the signal menu. Depending on the tuner that you are having, the menu is accessed differently. Some of the devices have it on the side of every program that you turn on, so you can notice whether you are having reception issues, or they are emitting low-quality materials.

Since we have seen how can you notice whether you are having issues with the reception, we will now see a couple of ways how can you fix that.

Find a better aerial position


One of the reasons why are you having these issues is because of the bad positioning of your aerial. If the signal returns and the image is getting better after moving the aerial, you know what the issue is.

The proper positioning requires a high mounting place, for example, the roof. If you are not allowed to place it outside, make sure that is near a window or on a terrace.

For those that do not feel comfortable getting up on the roof, Bradford Satellite Installer suggest hiring a professional.

Also, make sure that you know where the tower that emits the signal is located. This is helpful to aim your aerial directly at that location, so you can get a better tv reception.

See if your cables are flawed


Many people tend to forget about the state of the cables they are using. Since they are not that visible, nobody notices when they are worn down, or damaged in any way. Because of the weather, especially if you have placed the antenna outside, the cables can get damaged.

That will cause bad signal transmission between the receiver and the tuner, and the channels that you like will not be accessible for you to enjoy them.

When it comes to cables, don’t make them too long because you will be having a delay.

Be aware of materials that ruin the signal

This is something that happens because of lack of information, and you place an item that causes issues with getting the frequencies right close to the antenna. These items are usually home appliances that have motors, or any other metal item.

To be sure that you avoid this situation, move items that are the cause of this problem at least a couple of meters away from the antenna.

Get an amplifier


If getting a strong signal with the aerial you are using at the moment is a problem, you should consider getting a new one. However, that is an expense that can be avoided if you get yourself an amp.

The amp works in a way that it increases the potential of your current aerial to be able to reach a larger distance. That way you will be able to get a better signal which will make all of your channels work smoothly with good image quality.

Before getting an amplifier, make sure that it is compatible with the other equipment you are using at the moment. You can see that either on the internet or ask the people who sell these things. If your aerial is not too big, especially if it is meant for internal use, you can bring it with you to be completely sure.

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