Making Trans Content Accessible to the Masses

These days, transgender visibility is higher than it’s ever been. As activists and trans individuals speak out about their experiences, more people are starting to understand what it’s like to be transgender.

Unfortunately, even though we’ve seen some tremendous progress in recent years and decades, there is still

a long way to go. Trans rights are often marginalized or swept under the rug for political expediency, and many people believe transgenderism is a disease or mental disorder.

One way to combat these stigmas is to promote positive transgender content. However, bringing it to the masses is pretty tricky. Even with more shows and movies about trans experiences available, most of them have pretty niche audiences.

The only area that seems to celebrate or produce transgender content is the adult industry. Sites like shemale SexLikeReal offer titillating scenes that feature natural trans individuals exploring their sexuality.

But, while porn might be breaking new ground, non-adult content is still lagging far behind. So, let’s take a closer look at transgender content in the modern era.

The Lack of Transgender Material in Mainstream Media


Unlike gay and lesbian content, transgender issues have always been seen as “taboo.” Even modern audiences seem much more willing to accept two men or women kissing in a relationship than transgender individuals.

To put things into perspective, one of the most visible gay onscreen couples in recent years was the hero Fastos and his husband in the movie Eternals. By comparison, the most visible transgender superhero character is Nia Nall (aka Dreamer) on Supergirl. Unfortunately, we still have yet to see a significant character on the silver screen.

A big reason transgender people are underrepresented is the pervasive misunderstandings of what it means to be trans. For many cisgender individuals, the idea of a man becoming a woman (or vice versa) just seems too bizarre or unnatural. Unfortunately, these people believe it’s either a phase or a sign of confusion.

That said, there are more positive portrayals of trans characters today than in years past. For a long time, transgender characters were victims, sexual deviants, or villains. One need not look further than Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs to understand how much things have changed so far and how much further they need to go.

Porn and its Relationship With Trans Content


The adult industry is not burdened with the same constraints as mainstream media. However, porn still has some antiquated views about trans culture and sexual identity. Overall, within the industry, transgenderism is often treated as a fetish for straight, cisgender individuals. So, it’s hard to find porn that fits within a broader understanding of trans rights and experiences.

Still, it is inspiring to see authentic transgender people getting noticed, even if the circumstances are a bit unorthodox. Since it’s impossible to fake transgenderism, all clips must feature genuine trans individuals. Not even Hollywood can make that claim, as recent films like Dallas Buyer’s Club illustrate.

Also, as trans rights become more mainstream, so too shall transgender adult content. Sites like SexLikeReal can cater to a growing market of trans individuals who want accurate representation in all forms of media, both standard and adult. As with everything else, consumer demand can dictate market changes. So, if trans people celebrate and reward authentic scenes, they can expect studios to make more of them.

The Future of Transgender Content


Despite some intense scrutiny and pressure to downplay the existence of transgender people, their numbers are growing. Part of this growth stems from individuals feeling more comfortable embracing their natural selves.

So, trans content will only become more accessible and mainstream. If superheroes and animated children’s characters can be trans and non-binary today, we’re excited to see what the future holds.

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