How Toys Stores Have Changed Over The Years – 2024 Guide

We all have a favorite toy store, right? It was not only a place where we could find the most entertaining items, but we also believed it to be a magic kingdom. Well, nothing has changed, and kids nowadays have the same experience and thoughts. But, have you ever wondered about the evolution of these stores? If this is something you are curious about, continue reading this article.


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The very first toy store was opened in London. It was back in 1760. The founder of it was William Hamley, and it was called Noah’s Ark. As you may know, after some time, it was renamed Hamley’s. Yes, it is the same retail chain that still exists nowadays. The truth is that this is not only the oldest but the biggest toy shop in the world, with fifteen locations in the UK and ninety all around the world.

When it comes to the US market, the longest operating store is FAO Schwarz. It was founded by Frederick August Otto Schwarz in 1862. This franchise is not only known for its high-end items and products but also for the one-of-a-kind experience they offer everyone who enters their stores. Surely, you have visited at least one of them in your life. The company closed its business in 2015, but it reopened a few years later, in 2018.

What about the experience?

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Yes, people visit these stores to purchase a new toy for their kids, but it is all about the experience. Nothing can top the feeling of visiting one of these and exploring everything it has to offer. These stores are designed to leave the young ones in awe. For example, one of the FAO Schwarz’s stores was an inspiration for the toy shop featured in Home Alone 2, the Duncan’s Toy Chest.

Not only will your kids have the time of their life when you take them to the nearest shop to you, but it will also be pretty easy to find the right product for them. For example, according to SenseOrient, there is not a single toy you cannot find in their shops. Plus, you will be greeted by professionals who will provide you with the best experience and help you find the right toy for your kid. When it comes to these, the sky is the limit, quite literally.

What about the future?

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Now, many people are worried about the future of these shops. Similar to everything else, the Internet and online shopping are slowly pushing them out of the picture. In a way, this is an expected development of events, since the web enables us to purchase anything we want within a few minutes. These retail shops have tried to adjust to new conditions on the market, boost the customer experience, and even lower their prices. However, not every company has been successful, and it is why Toys R Us went bankrupt a few years ago. Even though it may be easier for adults to purchase new toys online, we believe that nothing can make your child happier than treating them with a day in the nearest toy store.

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