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Talkin’ Tarot with Kimberly Cooley

Tarot is a form of divination that has been around for thousands of years. Though the cards can be used for many purposes, I have found that it’s very useful for people who have lost someone. It’s also useful for people who are going through some difficult life challenges. I hope that talking about my card readings will help you with whatever you are facing.

Kimberly Cooley is an internationally acclaimed tarot reader with an international following. She has multiple books on tarot, including the bestselling series, The Tarot of the Everyday Life, and more than 500 blog articles. She also reads for TV, radio, and corporate events. As Cooley says, “Tarot is a doorway to the subconscious mind. It is a way to discover and understand the way in which we are all one. Through the tarot, we can discover potential futures and learn to live not just during the present, but in the imagined future. It is for everyone who thinks and dreamt and who longs for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”

I am a tarot reader, and I am not. I have a BA in English, and I am not. I have a BA in Art, and I am not. I have a BA in English as a Second Language, and I am not. I have a BA in Art History, and I am not. I have a BA in Spanish, and I am not. I have a BA in Psychology, and I am not. I have a BA in Art Education, and I am not. I have a BA in Art History, and I am not. I have a BA in Art Education, and I am not. I have a BA in Psychology, and I am not. I have a BA in Art History, and I

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Talkin’ Tarot With is a monthly column designed to introduce my readers to different tarot readers from our incredibly diverse community!  Each month I will ask a different tarot reader three questions about their philosophy and style of tarot, and I will direct you to their website and blog so you can learn more about them!  I like to choose psychics that I find talented and interesting. I love discovering new tarot talents! One person who caught my attention recently is Kimberly Cooley of Abundant Life Tarot. She has been reading for a long time and recently started working with the tarot regularly. Kimberly has been interested in the sacred arts since she was a child. My maternal grandmother, Ella Mae, encouraged me not to be afraid of my spiritual gifts. Ella lived in rural Mississippi, and as a child I visited her often. She told me that my mother had the gift of seeing people or animals that had died. Apparently, my mother was born with a veil or kaul over her face, which meant to the family that she had special powers. She told me I had powerful gifts too.

She shared this with me too: Growing up, my family took road trips across the country, from California to Mississippi, and I collected postcards of the states we drove through each summer. As a child and teenager, my postcard collection became an oracle for me. I got lost in the images and used them to tell stories to my friends and family. I also used playing cards for divination, and my friends often asked me to answer their questions about their personal lives. As you can see, the cards have been pushing her to do this for years!

Although Kimberly has been working with Tarot for some time, she got serious when her son had an accident and spent a month in intensive care. She began reading to the nurses who cared for her son – and that was the beginning of her career. On her website Tarot Abundant Life, she now offers divination to the general public, Kimberly explains: I help others achieve the goal of living in co-creation with the universe. When you work with me, you get a success partner to create your best flow of abundance in all areas of your life. You might want to step into their world soon, because I have a feeling their business is going to be a lot more prosperous.


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Kimberly Cooley is a tarot card player from Northern California who recently moved to the Dominican Republic. She is the owner of an online Tarot Abundant Life business and creator of Tarot content. Her YouTube channel, Tarot Abundant Living, showcases her card collection and tips on tarot and oracle card reading. She strives to be a friendly and authentic voice in the Tarot community. Kim has created a free online course. Choose your next game and build your collection. She also offers counseling and mentoring opportunities for tarot readers. Website: Instagram: @AbundantLifeTarot Facebook: @AbundantLifeTarot Etsy: AbundantLifeShop Email: [email protected] Read Kimberly’s answers to my questions below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Q : What is your philosophy on tarot reading? Kimberly: I guess at card reading to predict future outcomes, and I can predict the times at fortune telling.

Several variables can influence the future outcome, such as interference of free will by others or a change in direction by the researcher himself. These influences will affect the outcome of the situation, and these subtle or not so subtle energetic changes will be reflected in the cards. I am like an energetic prognosticator, detecting the vibrational energies that surround a person or a situation. Can wind change the direction of a storm? Yes. Can someone change their mind and go in a new direction? Yes. All of these factors can affect future results. I only use jumping cards. This means that I only read the cards that come out of the deck during shuffling. I feel it is the spirit that draws the cards to be read, and the messages always arrive when I use this method of choosing cards.

Q : How do you think a client can benefit most from reading with you? Kimberly: My clients appreciate my simple, open and caring way of reading. It is easy for them to share what they are experiencing, and my knowledge of the cards and my experience reading them for others allows me to provide answers that they can understand and that resonate deeply with their soul. I do readings and offer not only insight into the past, present and future, but also a plan on how to move to a place of empowerment and growth. I specialize in lectures on relationships, life goals and attracting abundance. I always say my reading table is a judgment-free zone. My clients ask questions that they might not ask their friends and family out of shame. Yet I will be honest and direct – unflinching.

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Q : What is your best advice to a beginning tarot card psychic? Kimberly: For aspiring fortune tellers, it is normal to offer fortune telling services to people other than close friends and family – it is normal to start with people close to you, but if your goal is to become a professional, it is important to widen your circle of communication with other people. When you start to feel energy fatigue after free readings, that’s probably a signal that it’s time to start charging for those readings. Don’t feel like you have to do 100 free readings before you start charging for your services. Take the next step, honey – don’t let fear hold you back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kimberly. You can learn more about her and purchase a session or training from her by clicking here. xo Theresa Theresa Reed: The Lady of the Tarot 2024 Illustration by Kimberly Cooley Check out all the amazing tarot readers I interviewed for the Let’s Talk Tarot series.

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