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Divinity Blessing Cards & About Packing Favors (Deck Creator’s Notes & Commentary)

Deck creator’s notes and commentary:

I’ve been creating a divination deck for a while now, and recently finished it off. I originally started working on the deck for my own personal use, but eventually started to share it with some friends. The feedback I’ve gotten has been fantastic, and now I’ve decided to share it with the world.

My name is Deck Creator (or just DC), and I’m a gamer.  I have been playing since the golden age of CCGs like Magic: The Gathering, but I wanted to create something with a more light-hearted feel. I have always loved fairies and this deck is my way of enjoying their whimsical nature.

Buddhist God Blessing Card word-image-4496

You can download these 2.5 x 3.0 printable deity blessing cards. JPG with a high resolution of 500 dpi. The first sentence is Buddhist: Maitreya, the Bodhisattva of loving kindness, and Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of mercy and compassion. Blessing card of the Kemetic god


The second group is Kemetic: Thoth (Dhwti or Tehuti), the Egyptian god of knowledge and writing, and Isis (Ese or Ast), the goddess of magic.



Next, I talk a bit about deckbuilders’ favorites, for future indie deckbuilders who might be interested in my notes and comments on this topic. AN IMPORTANT TECHNICAL NOTE ABOUT PRINTING: If you want to make material from these four images and print it yourself on a colour printer at home or in the office, make a test print first. You may need to manually adjust the brightness and contrast of the images to make them brighter and clearer. I recommend a brightness of +21 and a contrast of +3, then a sharpness of only 7%. There may be an initial shift between the colors you see digitally and the colors printed on the paper. So do some work. Click on the image to download a 2″ x 3.5″ print file.



Kuan Yin: Divine Mercy

The Chinese characters written vertically from top to bottom on the right side of the Quan Yin are read in traditional Chinese: Na Mo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa is a short mantra that invokes Quan Yin, which basically means: I worship (or bless) the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, who hears all lamentations. The red seal is my Chinese seal (i.e. my signature). I put the artist’s stamp here because without this red square, something was missing from the overall composition. You can read more about Kuan Yin (Kannon/Gwan Em) in the Book of Cards, entries for Key 17 : Healers, as in the Four Cups. I believe there is also a casual mention in the BoM Seven of Orbs card entry. Click on the image to download a 2″ x 3.5″ print file. word-image-4503

Maitreya: The goodness of God

The seed syllable Mayim for Maitreya appears above his head in Siddham (Sanskrit) script. The mantra for invoking Maitreya appearing under the lotus is : Om Maitri Maha Maitri Swaha. (Maitri in the Pali language is metta, or loving kindness). I have used the word he here in its historical and classical form, but in religious culture it is used to indicate that Maitreya has no manifestation in the human race at this time, and so it is used with the implicit understanding that we do not yet know what earthly form Maitreya will take when he/she returns as the Buddha Messiah. You can learn more about Maitreya in the Key 5 card book: Hierophant and Knight of the Sceptres (Shining Flame). This is also indicated by the reference to the meditating ascetic in the Beaker Four. Click on the image to download a 2″ x 3.5″ print file. word-image-4504

Isis: Divine Magic

The signs on the two maps of the Kemetic deities are given in A Hieroglyphic Vocabulary to theban Recension of the Book of the Dead, Vol. XXXI, written by Dr. E. A. Wallis Budge, published in 1911. In the upper right corner, it says: The home of the gods. Below that is Smaa Heru, which basically means: Thus is he justified (or) Thus will he prevail (or) Thus is he declared blessed. Top left: Wherever you go, I will protect you. Bottom left: Goddess Isis and Nebt-Ankh, Lady of Life (honorary title of Isis). On his throne are carved several words for Hekau or magic, which are listed in the Book of Cards under the item Three of Swords. Here Isis is depicted with the sun disk of Hathor. Click on the image to download a 2″ x 3.5″ print file. word-image-4505

What: Divine knowledge

Hieroglyphic inscriptions to the left behind Thoth also occur earlier in the representation of Isis. (If you look closely, you will find these passages on the back of the SKT information card, on the box, and as subtle details on all the cards). On the right side of the viewer: Tehuti, the god Thoth, scribe of the gods, inhabitant of Khemenu [the Ogdoad of Hermopolis]. The inscription in the crescent: Books of sacred words, the book of Thoth, the book of passage to eternity. For more information, see the Eight of Cups entry in the Maps book. The hieroglyphic wall behind Isis and Thoth shows passages from the Book of the Dead.


I ordered these cards with blessings from deities as fun souvenirs with the card games, but you can download the high resolution image files here and print your own.


These are standard American business cards, 2 x 3.5, matte, 16 pt (i.e. 350 g/m², the same weight as tarot cards). They are double-sided, so that the two Kemetic deities are back to back on one version of the card, and the two Buddhist deities are back to back on the second version of the card.


The Sapere Aude illustration I posted here earlier is also a standard 2″ x 3.5″ American business card, although the back of this illustration is magnetic. Magnetism? Functions and frequencies of electromagnetic waves ? A ray of light? Eliphas Levy ?)



If you have a spiritually based business, you can use any of these downloadable images in any way that suits you. Or, as packaged souvenirs that will accompany any card game purchase, you can print blessing cards for gods to give to people. You can print them on sticker paper to make stickers. Who doesn’t like stickers?


If you wish to use these image files for other purposes, e.g. B. to download to make different kinds of products, please note that the image files are not indented in their original form. You will need to do a little graphic work yourself and add some sort of indentation, otherwise parts of the intended design may be cut off. And, as mentioned, the size is set at 2 inches by 3.5 inches. If you are working with a different format, you may need to change the size or shape of the files.


If you have a color printer with artistic print quality, you can print your own art cards. Check here for printer cartridge supplier. Above, I printed both sides of the art card side by side, leaving only a small space for the fold. I also left an extra flap for gluing.


I cut a piece of cardboard to put between the two sides to make the card more stable. Then just glue everything together. For this project, I prefer to use scrapbooking glue sticks. To make a custom talisman, use the cardboard in the middle to write something talismanic on, for example. B. Dragon’s blood ink from a horse’s hair poured under a new moon. It’s crazy.


You can see the size of these art cards here (business card size, so small) compared to standard tarot card formats. In these photos, the prints appear dark and overexposed due to poor lighting. I’m sorry about that. I assure you they are much prettier in person. However, the color palette remains quite bright and subtle. If you are familiar with the mantras or prayer cards handed out in Buddhist temples, they are similar. word-image-4518

Creative Commons Attribution CC BY The illustrations offered here as a free download are under a Creative Commons license that allows you to distribute, remix, modify and use my original works, even for commercial purposes, as long as you give me, the artist [Benebell Wen], credit for the original creation. If you add or modify my original works in any way, please clearly indicate what you are adding, subtracting or modifying from my original works. word-image-4521

Packing above deck: What? Is that a thing?

No, there are no rules or requirements here, so please, as an independent deck builder, and most importantly, do it based on what works best for your overhead budget. word-image-4522 Over the years, I’ve noticed that makers of indie games almost always put these small, insignificant, but very interesting bonuses in the box that comes with the game you order. Sometimes you’ll receive stickers, a card, a bookmark, a notebook, a free mini print or an art card. It is often a simple handwritten thank you, sweet and sincere. Free goodies may include artwork from the game and/or the creator’s company logo for branding and marketing purposes. I call these treats deck packers. In an earlier SKT post about the state of my Sapere Aude magnets, at the end of the article, I compared what to look for when wrapping gifts for the bridge to choosing good wedding gifts. If your company’s lettering on the gift wrap is too flashy and looks more like advertising than a nice gift, people won’t use it. It gets thrown in the trash, and it’s a waste of money and time spent wrapping gifts. word-image-4523 When I ordered the SKT First Edition and Vitruvian Edition decks, I chose a magnet and a 2″ x 2″ sticker with the same hand-drawn illustration that came with each deck as a packaging reminder. There was no inscription, no logo, no brand, not even my name or signature. But I feel like the art I chose was different enough in style to still bear my mark. word-image-4524 You can’t imagine how much fun I had hearing from people who thought of where they wanted to put this sticker, or how the sticker was incorporated into handmade mascots, and how the magnet is still neatly tucked away in a card box or hanging somewhere in the house. I will say this – as a consumer of indie deca myself, I agree. If I get free stickers that are really cool and not too promotional, I will definitely think about where I place them and they will have sentimental value to me. If a card maker made a 4″ x 6″ free bonus card out of a particularly beautiful piece of art, I will frame that card and hang it in my home. All the bookmarks I got as souvenirs from the package found a practical use. I admit it: If the goodies look like hardcore advertising, for example, on the store page the website URL is in big, flashy letters, the email address and brand name are in the foreground….. I’m sorry, but… They are usually thrown away. The exception to this rule is the business card. If you offer reading services or coaching or sell products, don’t forget to put up a business card with all your contact information. If a customer likes you, they will keep the business card and be more likely to use your company or services in the future. Encourage retention of your business card by offering a small discount or emphasizing that the cardholder is a VIP customer who receives special incentives when booking. And that doesn’t mean you can’t get branded items for free. Take the bookmark, for example. If the front of the bookmark has a nice illustration and the back discreetly says your URL or name of the game, I will continue to use these bookmarks and keep them forever. So when creating a deck of cards, think about how you can balance the purpose of the giveaways, which is to promote the brand and marketing, while ensuring that these giveaways are not lost on the consumer. These are also small free bonuses, so don’t overdo it. Anything that requires a lot of money or time is not a good business decision. One of the first things I use when thinking about what to make for gift wrap is this: Would the recipient of the thing appreciate it more than the cost to make it? Consider the brutally honest answer to that question. Costs are not only the actual cents or dollar amounts for manufacturing and ordering a product, but also time and labor. I also consider handwritten thank you notes from the manufacturer a wrapping service. But still: Think about the cost in terms of time and work. Handwritten notes are a lot of work, and are they worth your time and effort? Yes, if the customer likes it, keeps it and puts it in the card box; no, if the customer doesn’t even bother to read it and throws it away the same hour he receives the package. word-image-4525 This is just my personal recommendation and not an affiliate link: I use I have no idea if they are the best, and frankly, I haven’t done any in-depth market research. However, I have placed about a dozen different custom orders with them, and I find the quality for the price very good, and their customer service is also very good (at least, I have had positive experiences). The most important thing the seller should pay attention to is the limit of the total weight of the package. Whatever packing material you choose, you don’t want the weight of small items to exceed the total weight of your package. word-image-4526 I can’t stress this enough: Packing services are never needed, never necessary. I’ve received many indie games that didn’t come in a gift box, and I find them just as beautiful and valuable as the games that did come in a gift box. But they do create goodwill between you, the independent patio vendor, and your customer. It’s a cost-effective way to create a way to remember.


How do you load…

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The divinity blessing cards are an update to our deck of cards featuring a number of religious images. The cards were posted to our blog in response to the requests from readers and those who are interested in creating their own decks. Some of you have asked us to create a deck that reflects you uniquely. We listened and created our own deck of cards that results in a deck that contains images from our personal experiences.. Read more about discount boxed greeting cards and let us know what you think.

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