3 Reasons Why Suboxone Is the Perfect Treatment for Opioids – Find Suboxone Doctors Near Me!

One of the methods that have been popular and effective in the treatment of opioid addiction is the use of medication to help lower the withdrawal symptoms and cravings for the drug. One of the pioneer drugs for treating opioid addiction was Methadone, which was introduced in 1947. Despite having a track record of being very effective in the treatment programs, it had side effects of addiction to the drug.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 1/3 of the overdose deaths resulted from a methadone overdose. Suboxone came into the picture in 2002, and it had been carefully formulated to keep the chances of addiction very minimal. Suboxone is a result of combining two drugs: Buprenorphine and Naloxone.

Suboxone is now certified as a safe and effective way to go through medication-assisted treatment (MAT). To start the MAT procedure, you should find a suboxone doctor near you: if you are still considering this form of treatment for you or your loved one, click here to know three reasons why Suboxone Is the Perfect Treatment for Opioids addiction:

1. Reduced abuse and addiction risk during MAT


Methadone has been used by patients for effective medication-assisted treatment. However, there is the risk of the addict substituting one addiction for another with the use of methadone. There is less dependency on suboxone as compared to methadone, especially when the treatment is being carried by a family doctor or a suboxone doctor near you.

Suboxone also contains naloxone, which reverses opioid overdose effects and lowers the full opioid effect on that account. It can, therefore , not be used by the patient as a means of chasing a high similar to that in opiate drugs.

2. It is easily accessible and private in its use


Several factors may make daily clinic visits or admission to a rehab center difficult from general discomfort and feelings of shape, having a family to take care of or a job to go to. The wonderful advantage of using suboxone treatment is that it can easily be prescribed by a suboxone doctor near you.

You can get the medication in a bulky one-month supply that you can use until your next prescription. This way, your treatment does not get in the way of your living and if you would like it to be so, only you and your doctor will know you are on suboxone treatment

3. It is a highly effective and safe way of treating opioid addiction


The success rate for using suboxone is very high with reduced cravings and softer withdrawal symptoms. It is also easy to stick through the program with the help of the suboxone doctor near you helping keep you accountable. The drug also discourages misuse due to the absence of addictive elements that won’t get the user high.

It is a great way of getting through addiction especially when coupled up with other strategies such as counseling for any underlying issues that may have caused or triggered the opioid addiction.

Statistics show that opioid addiction is a significant global problem with WHO estimating that 15 million suffer from opioid dependence. The numbers and the situation might look grim, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the presence of suboxone treatment. You can now get a suboxone treatment done easily for you or your loved ones, simply contact us today to find out the best treatment options for you and their relevant costs.

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