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3 Tips on How to Benefit from Flat Fee MLS in Indiana

Knowing how to sell your home without the assistance of a real estate agent can be financially rewarding. You get to keep most of the profits in addition to gaining control of the sale. However, the reason many sellers don’t pursue the FSBO route is not that they presume the 3% in listing agent fees is worthwhile, it’s because many sellers don’t know how to attract serious buyers the way listing agents do.

You may attribute their success to a proprietary formula that makes them better than ordinary sellers. That’s not the case. Instead, they have access to MLS Indiana buyer agents use to find their clients the ideal home.

How Indiana Sellers Can Achieve a Successful FSBO Sale


If you are seriously considering selling through For Sale By Owner websites, you should be interested in the tools and insights necessary to secure top-dollar for your property. These insights and tools are summarized in the three-step process below.

1. Find The Best Flat Fee MLS Indiana Sellers Use

One of the conditions of getting on an MLS in any state is having a listing agent agreement. In Indiana, this is not any different. Most buyers use buyer agents to simplify the process of buying a home. These buyer agents usually search for properties on one or two MLS. Therefore, you want a flat fee MLS listing service that syndicates to all local MLS.

But that’s not the only significant feature to determining if you’re accessing the best flat fee MLS Indiana sellers use; there are many other features, including:

  • The number of photographs on your listing
  • How easy it is to use the platform
  • The amount of control you have over selecting a buyer agent commission
  • The ability to generate disclosure agreements
  • Your access to support when you need it

2. Create a Compelling Listing


After deciding on a flat fee MLS listing service, you should focus on creating a compelling listing. Start by photographing your home. Focus on the facade and then critical internal rooms. Be descriptive about the amenities of the home, in addition to those of the neighborhood. Just because a buyer agent is local, this does not mean they know the local school district or neighborhood amenities. Therefore, by being descriptive, you ensure buyer agents have a better understanding of your home and are more effective when presenting it to buyers.

3. Select a Commission That Will Attract Buyer Agents


One way to guarantee a slew of buyers see your home is to settle on a commission that will attract buyer agents. In Indiana, the average buyer agent receives 2.5% in commission. If you increase your commission structure to 2.75%, you can expect to interest far more agents. These agents will want their buyers to view your home and make offers to secure the additional 0.25%.

Furthermore, you won’t be making a loss as your home will sell for much higher and far quicker than if you were to forgo the additional 0.25%.

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