Things You Should Know About Machine Learning Specialist

We live in a time when the computer takes up more and more space in our lives. And if at the beginning of the century it was a luxury and was used mainly for work and computing, today even ordinary phones are mini-computers, much more powerful than those that were in offices at the beginning of the 2000s.

Why are there telephones! Even some refrigerators are able to determine what products are lacking in them, and independently place orders via the Internet.

Computers are in charge of our finances, security, and solve everyday problems. Moreover, today you will not surprise anyone by the fact that you can talk to a computer, and sometimes a virtual interlocutor is more interesting, witty and understandable than a living person.

And this happens because he, this interlocutor, has the ability to self-study, that is, each of the hundreds of thousands of dialogues that he conducts in the same period of time is at the same time a lesson for him.

This is how artificial intelligence learns new words, tasks, reactions, learns jokes, sayings, verbal expressions. And now sometimes it is not clear with whom you are communicating: with a living person or with a computer.


But science still owes this leap into the future not to machines, but to people, those whose intelligence is unlikely to ever be able to surpass at least one computer – machine learning (artificial intelligence) specialists.

A machine learning specialist is, one might say, the highest intelligence among those who are called “IT specialists.” They are engaged in drawing up algorithms so that machines can self-learn, that is, analyze data and draw their own conclusions based on this.

However, machine learning specialists (machine learning consulting) are working on this, and, perhaps, the day is not far off when we can talk heart to heart with a computer, and that, after listening to us, will show completely human emotions and give good advice. Everything is in the hands of computer learning specialists.



It is difficult to overestimate and overestimate the benefits of being a machine learning specialist.

1. Demand

Professionals of this profile are incredibly in demand all over the world, so there are no problems with finding a job and will not be.

2. High income

This work is always and everywhere well paid.

3. Creative component


Machine learning requires a creative approach from a person, that is, it is also a creative specialty.

4. Interesting tasks

There is no monotony in the work – every time you have to solve new interesting and sometimes non-trivial problems. That is, every day is a new exercise for the intellect.


Of course, it is difficult for a specialist whose life consists of his favorite work to imagine that there may be some disadvantages in it, but let’s look from the outside.

1. Strong tension

Work requires a tremendous amount of mental effort. At first it is interesting and even great, then it can result in fatigue and even burnout.

2. Irregular schedule


Rarely do specialists of this profile have a standardized working day. As a rule, programmers sit on projects literally for days, which leads to overwork.

3. Blurred vision

The work is extremely sedentary and requires a lot of eye strain, which can lead to the development of various diseases.

How to become a machine learning expert:


To become a machine learning expert, you first need to master the profession of a programmer perfectly. But if the knowledge of programming languages is enough to write programs, administer computer networks, then to work with artificial intelligence, you will have to master many more different sciences – from mathematical analysis to … biology and physics. Yes, yes, it is the principle of the nervous system of living organisms that should form the basis for the creation of electronic consciousness.

How a neuron perceives a stimulus, how it conducts a signal to the brain or spinal cord, what algorithms are involved in converting an ordinary electrical impulse into complex information – all this should be understood by a computer learning professional. Data science consulting services.

In addition, it is necessary to have a baggage of knowledge in the field of human psychology, because the machine must produce reactions that will be understandable to a person and adequate to his perception of the world.

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