8 Student Tools for Better Learning

COVID-19 has brought teaching and studying to a whole new level. Digital classrooms are no longer a novelty, while Zoom debates are preferred to in-class discussions by many students. Will the future of education change faster than expected? We’ll see it soon. And while everyone is waiting for the boom of remote education, check a list of tools to improve your digital learning right now.

1. OneNote


Unlike its name, the application allows the user to create as many notebooks as they want. Developed by Microsoft, OneNote is a great way to substitute traditional paper with digital space. The best thing about the application is its synchronization features and a variety of organization options.

OneNote will be useful. The app will add organization to your writing process.

OneNote is a perfect space to create as many drafts for your essay as you need. Whether you prefer to write a college paper by yourself or order it on

With OneNote, a modern student can

  • use sticky notes;
  • add and record lectures;
  • use handwriting or a stylus;
  • apply a digital highlighter;
  • protect the digital space by the use of passwords.

2. Zoom


The most popular video conferencing tool, Zoom, provides collaboration to teachers and students in real time. Presenting the learning material is easy with Zoom since it has a digital whiteboard. Meanwhile, sharing the learning content is even easier: all you need is one click.

However, the coolest feature about Zoom is its ability to record classes and transcribe them. This is especially effective if you are a student with a part-time job and often miss classes. With the application, you can rewatch lectures and grasp the material better.

3. Skype

This application reminds the user of Zoom. Unlike its competitor, Skype entered digital education a decade ago. Mostly used as a video conferencing tool, Skype has created the “Skype Meet Now” feature. The latter allows you to create digital classrooms without the need to install the software. A teacher shares the link (just like in Zoom), and students join online lectures in a second.

This feature is especially important if you need to work on a project with your groupmates on distance during COVID-19.

Other amazing features of Skype are the following:

  • has themed lessons;
  • suggests Mystery Skype (this feature allows two digital spaces to merge into one);
  • it’s free.

4. Sci-Hub


Some blame the tool creators for violating academic integrity, while others are happy to use it for their academic research. Alexandra Elbakyan, the tool’s creator, had an aim to provide access to the academic heritage, which modern students have been denied.

Regardless of the controversy, Sci-Hub is one of the top sources to cite and use in academic research. To use the tool, you should enter the article’s name or its DOI. Sci-Hub will automatically open the article and create a citation for you in the left panel.

Not everyone will agree that Sci-Hub is a great tool for learning. Do you believe that academic materials should be shared publicly? If you think that everyone deserves free access to the academic world, then the tool is perfect for you.

5. Prezi

This tool is absolutely funnier than Microsoft Powerpoint. Prezi allows the user to present the content online and communicate with others simultaneously. One can access Prezi right in the browser, making the application easy to navigate.

Along with presentations, the user can create short videos and download the ones that already exist. Imagine you have created a presentation earlier with the use of Microsoft Powerpoint. In this case, you do not have to redo the whole presentation. Just download it in Prezi, and the application will save you efforts by making the presentation look fresh and attractive.

The application has templates you can choose from. Though the free version does not have the most awesome features, the tool is not expensive. A monthly plan starts from the $3 threshold. It’s cheaper than your coffee; yet, why not buy it?

6. Padlet

Pinning notes for study on a wall will never get out of fashion. Nonetheless, this harmless habit won’t make your landlords or landladies happy. With Padlet, one of the best software tools in 2024, you get a perfect solution. The tool is a collection of virtual boards you can use to pin up the information from the Internet. Use a digital wall to add any elements you like.

Padlet is an efficient tool because

  • it organizes your notes;
  • you can share the information with others;
  • it has 8 templates for organizing the information to be posted later;
  • it proposes a custom branding feature to schools.

The only disadvantage of Padlet is its extreme expensiveness. The user plans start from $2000, which not everyone can afford.

7. Real World Math

This application won’t teach you math in a traditional understanding of the subject. Instead, it will show how maths is applied on a daily basis. The tool uses SketchUp and Google Earth to create photos and videos of the Earth’s surfaces. It further teaches you the measuring techniques while allowing you to draw paths.

The tool has 3D videos and lesson plans for younger learners. Yes, the app is effective for everyone regardless of their age because learning science is fun, right?

The cherry on top – the tool is free, unlike so many math-teaching applications.

8. Animoto


One of the funniest applications ever, Animoto allows both teachers and students to create animated content. The user can create any video for any school or college subject. One can add other elements like text or images to make the Animoto videos more effective.

The tool has pre-made custom templates, which make it user-friendly and efficient. With quick and simple instructions, one can make the most entertaining video ever.

Final Thoughts

Technology leaves you nothing but the need to become its fan. The world is going digital. Yet, if you’re still technophobic, install a few tools from the list we’ve created for you. When used properly, a learning tool or application works magic. Whether it’s Animoto or Padlet, we hope you’ve found the right tool for your learning needs.

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