Why Is Spanish Important And Necessary?

Nowadays, speaking more than one language is sort of essential. Even if English is your mother language or if you are proficient in it, it is always a good idea to add another one to the list. Choosing which language to study next can be a bit difficult, and in the end, it depends on your personal preference.

However, you should focus on one of the most spoken languages in the world, and in this case, our suggestion is Spanish.

Expand your career opportunities


Since Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide, finding proficiency level as one of the requirements in a job description has become an ordinary occurrence. Obviously, this isn’t necessarily true for every position you apply for.

Still, if your dream job includes collaborating with global companies and meeting with them, you need to master this skill. Even if you are not home right now but on the other side of the world, China, for example, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look for “Spanish teacher Hong Kong” online right this minute and start your Spanish for Business course.

Travel the world


Okay, we know that you can travel anywhere you want nowadays, and that Siri can be of assistance when trying to communicate with locals. Nevertheless, we can guarantee the high levels of satisfaction you will experience when you go to a Spanish-speaking country and talk to the taxi driver or listen to the waiter present you the chef’s specials you can order.

These things may seem irrelevant, but the truth is that they will enable you to boost your experience significantly. After all, it will allow you to fit right in and not feel like a foreigner, even though you are.

Learn about a new culture


Surely, you cannot find a single downside to this. One of the beauties of diversity, is that you can learn so much about other people, their culture, tradition, etc. It is one of the reasons you have been enjoying your stay in China, right?

Truth be told, acquiring a new language is a great way to start this journey. It doesn’t matter if you love reading or if painting is your hobby because some of the greatest works of art were created by Spaniards.

What’s more, watching Pedro Almodóvar’s movies or listening to your favorite songs in the original language will enable you to experience them in a completely new way, so find the best Spanish School in Hong Kong, and uncover this whole new world.

Meet new people

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It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about acquiring this language or if your teen is fascinated by it – our advice is to go for it. Joining a course is a great way to meet people as enthusiastic about it as you are.

Plus, it won’t be too difficult to connect with native speakers with all the social media platforms we use nowadays. One needs continuous exposure to language to master it, and you will probably make friends along the way.

Also, it is always better to start learning while young, so it will not only be easier for your kids, but they will also be able to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above in the future with minimum effort on their part.

Increasing Job Opportunities


Sometimes, learning languages can greatly increase our job seeking pool. A lot of companies are looking for people who are capable of speaking Spanish to either talk with the clients or cooperate with another company that is established in a Spanish Speaking country.

Sometimes the level of Spanish needs to be conversational, but you can also choose careers where your language knowledge is the basis of it. For example, pursuing a job such as a language teacher or a translator can be a great career path.

Furthermore, you can never tell when this will come in handy. The company might decide to move into the Spanish market and open a new branch in Europe or one of the South American countries where Spanish is used as the first language. Having this asset on CV shows that you are someone who is ready to learn the new things in life and improve yourself on various fronts.

Spanish is a Romance Language


Spanish belongs to the group of Romance languages. What this means is that it has a lot of similarities with the other languages from this group – Italian, Portuguese and French.

All of these languages spawned out of Latin and in their core, they are very similar, although each of these has evolved individually as well.

So, once you learn Spanish, you will have the basis for learning Italian (primarily), then Portuguese and French. You will be surprised when you start connecting dots. These languages all have similar grammar, they have almost identical core vocabulary and understanding each of these is easier once you learn one very well.

Furthermore, the Romance languages are quite musical and it will be a joy to learn these.
You can enjoy watching movies and reading books

To understand the culture of some countries, it isn’t enough to just visit it. For example, learning about Spain means that you can spend some time living there, or learn about history, watch their news daily, read Spanish authors and watch Spanish films.

Speaking of movies, there is a large number of immensely good flicks that come out of Spain or any other Spanish speaking area. We are so wrapped in the Hollywood culture, that we’ve forgotten to watch films from other countries as well.

Some of the best Spanish films include El Laberinto del Fauno and Amores Perros. These are the iconic pictures, and they should get you started.


Watching these on a native language is quite extraordinary. And the best thing is that you don’t have to be super proficient to start watching films on Spanish. You will be able to conclude the meaning of the parts you don’t understand and you will also learn new words and phrases. By listening to conversations, you can hear their accent and improve on yours.

The same is with books, only a level up! You can learn so much from reading books on you second language. Start with simple reads and move on to more complex.

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