The Philosophy and Value Behind Expert Bookmaker Reviews

In the past, the stigma associated with bookmaking caused many to view it less favorably than they would a casino. While most casinos included bookmaking within the structure of their business, the focus was on their marketing efforts, hotel accommodations and entertainment facilities. However, the opposing views towards bookmaking took a noticeable upswing when they began offering their services online.

As the industry improved its image, the number of bookmakers operating online grew tenfold. As a result, it created the opportunity for websites to promote their services in the same manner they did online casinos.

While this created new business opportunities for entrepreneurs involved in online marketing, it also opened the door for the publication of bookmaker reviews and other related content.

Resultantly, the fundamentals behind every bookmaker review is the philosophy applied in its construction and the information it is attempting to convey. While a commonality exists between each review published, it is the philosophy that ultimately determines its value.

This is where websites like Efirbet showcase their value as the information. Resultantly, you will find on Efirbet’s site a vast collection of expert reviews on bookmakers and their bonuses that are based on fact, not perception.

Taking this into consideration, this article will focus on and explain the philosophy and value behind expert bookmaker reviews. Understanding this in greater detail will teach you the skills needed to evaluate a bookmaker review and determine its value.

How to determine if a bookmaker review is written by an expert


How to come to a conclusion whether a bookmaker review is written by an expert requires a little finesse on your part. Namely, an expert bookmaker review is written with an authoritative understanding of what a reader needs to know about a bookmaker.

While this can be subjective, the writing of a review should follow a basic narrative. Ultimately, an expert bookmaker review will read like a book in so far as each section is like a chapter that tells a story. At the end of the “story”, the review should paint a picture that allows you to conclude whether a bookmaker gets a passing grade.

The question then becomes, what should an expert bookmaker review include? To provide you better insight, here is an example of what we would expect an expert bookmaker review to include:

1. Registration


While registering with a bookmaker is standard, an expert review should explain the steps involved and highlight areas such as where to enter a bonus code, and if some countries are excluded from creating an account.

2. Website design, structure and navigation

There are specific areas an expert review should address, and website design, structure, and navigation are a minimum. This helps to identify if a website is navigationally friendly and whether it offers player-intuitive navigational features.

3. Sports betting options and other gaming related content


Considering sports betting is a fundamental reason bookmakers exist, information about bookies betting options, sports markets, and betting features is a minimum. An expert review should also include information about other gaming related options, such as whether they offer a casino, or virtual sports.

4. Bonuses and promotions

This subject matter may take a backseat to design. Structure and sports betting options, but it is relevant. Bonuses and promotions are important to most bettors, and an expert review will recognize this and will include welcome bonuses and other promotional content.

5. Payment methods


This is another topic a review should address and ensure it identifies the various payment methods. Moreover, an expert review will include minimum transacting requirements and payment processing times.

6. Mobile compatibility

Mobile access and the options a bookmaker provides are important to bettors. A review that fails to address this topic and identify the options for mobility access does not meet the standard expected within an expert review.

7. General information about the bookmaker


An expert review should include general information about the bookmaker such as their gaming license, ownership, business address and contact information. It is also preferable if the review touches on the subject of whether the online betting site clamps down on successful punters.

8. Rating and conclusion

The personal opinion of an expert bookmaker review allows the reader to tap into their experience and gain a deeper understanding about the writer’s overall impression of the bookmaker. A conclusion should be concise, to the point and include a justified rating based on the writers’ findings.

Understanding the philosophy behind bookmaker reviews


Now that we addressed how to determine if an expert writes a review, the time has come to understand the philosophy behind bookmaker reviews. A bookmaker review serves a specific purpose, and that is to relay information about a bookmaker in a straightforward, structured manner.

The basic philosophy is easy to understand, but a review is often purposely written to cloud the readers’ impression due to its minimalistic approach. Whereas an expert review takes the basics and paints a complete picture by introducing the reader to details they may overlook when considering the pros and cons of a bookmaker.

The difference from a philosophical perspective is simple as the two are completely on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Therefore, by looking at a review in detail, like those constructed and published at Efirbet, you can understand the philosophy behind their bookmaker reviews. More importantly, you will be better informed to make a concise decision about the bookmaker you are considering.


Ultimately, the reader’s opinion contributes to the philosophy behind an expert bookmaker review. A skilled and intuitive bookmaker review site will take into account the opinions of its readers and adjust the structure of their reviews accordingly.

However, this is only partially relevant as an expert review is built on principle and considers a wide range of considerations. Opinions set aside, the information contained within must meet the minimums for it even to be considered an “expert review”. This is why the information included within this article should be taken into account.

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