Slots: How They Appeared and Gained Thousands of Fans at Rabona Casino

Nowadays, slots have a fantastic number of fans. There are hundreds of such games at Rabona casino, and new offers are released daily. However, the history of slots is not as long as you expect. Here’s how they appeared and became so popular.

First Years


The first prototype of modern online slots was a primitive mechanical machine, created in 1887 by Charles Fay. Somewhat later, inventors Sitman and Pitt in 1891 introduced the forerunner of today’s slots with five spinning reels. This machine was quite popular with many gambling enthusiasts.

In 1895, a mechanical machine was introduced with 3 reels and 20 card images, called the Liberty Bell, one of the symbols. If gamblers got 3 such symbols on the reels, they received a jackpot of 50 cents.

During the gambling ban in the USA, the owners of some stores offered their visitors to play “fruit machines” that gave out fruit-flavored chewing gum as a prize.

Features of the First Slot Machines

Originally, the first slot machines were mechanical, and the reels were operating with a complex system of gears and shafts, driven by a special lever. It is thanks to this lever mechanical slots became known as “one-armed bandits” that manage to empty the pockets of hapless gamblers.

Even then, gamblers became interested in the question of how to cheat while playing at mechanical machines, or how to calculate the optimal force on the lever. Some unscrupulous players tried to get the prize money, using powerful magnets or other devices. Such fraud was strictly suppressed and punished, and the player was put on the blacklist.

Modern slots in Rabona casino differ from the first mechanical devices on the principle of functioning and generating the results of the prize. Mechanics, which drove the reels, were later replaced by electronics, and the playing field was placed on a display screen.

Mechanical Slot Machines


Mechanical slot machines could be found until the end of the ’90s. In later models, there was no longer a lever, and the rotation of reels was started by a special button.

Here are the advantages of mechanical slots:

  • Easy reconfiguration;
  • Functional buttons have a certain resistance that children cannot overcome;
  • More functional demonstration mode.

However, they have disadvantages:

  • Increased vulnerability to shocks;
  • Rare prize symbols;
  • Large size.

Modern Slots


Technological innovations allow developers to create modern online slots, with colorful graphics and additional bonus features. Each year, providers produce a huge number of slots for online casinos that differ not only in gameplay rules, but also in the number of reels. Today, five-reel games can be attributed to the classics, and the number of pay lines can vary up to 100.

To attract more players, developers use:

  • Colorful graphics;
  • Thrilling story lines;
  • Special symbols;
  • Bonus rounds;
  • Free spins;
  • Jackpots.

Significant changes make the game more exciting, which increases the number of slot fans.

What’s more, reliable software providers make their games not only entertaining but also secure. Thanks to an RNG algorithm, they make it impossible to cheat while playing, and even casinos themselves cannot change slot settings. So, all gamblers can test their luck, regardless of their skills and bankroll limits. To prove that their releases can be trusted, developers certify them.

Since slots in Rabona casino have a variety of storylines and functionality, everyone can easily find the most interesting game for themselves. And if users are not ready to risk money, they can start with a demo mode that is available for all slots.

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