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A Guide To Your Routine House Inspection

For those of us who aren’t born rich, a house is probably the biggest investment of our life. We work for all our lives just so that one day we can have a place we can call our own. Even for those of us who are born into wealth and haven’t had to work for it, maintaining a house can be a big investment as well.

A house will only feel like home as long as we care about it and try to make it a better place for us. If we don’t it will end up being just a concrete or wooden structure.

House Inspection And Maintenance

Maintaining a house is very crucial to its survival. Houses that are neglected for too long slowly deform and eventually fall apart. And even if they don’t, no one wants to live in a house that makes your college dorm look like a 5-star hotel.

It is very important to inspect and maintain houses. A well-kept house will give a great impression to anyone who comes to visit. It will also save you from the fatigue of coming home on a tiring day and realizing something needs to be fixed. Thus, we have listed down some steps for house maintenance and inspection.

1. Inspect Roofing For Cracks

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The biggest function that a house serves is that it gives a roof over your head. What good would a house be if it couldn’t provide shelter? Therefore you must inspect your roofing for any cracks or leakages. You wouldn’t want to come home on a rainy day just to find out that your roof is dripping water all over the floor.

You can do this by yourself by going up to the roof or hiring a maintenance crew to inspect as well. We would recommend that you do it yourself if you know how to.

2. Thermostat And Air Vents

Always inspect the thermostat and air vents of your house. Thermostats can get faulty over time and it would be a pain to come home to a faulty thermostat someday. It can also rack up your electricity bill by a couple of hundred bucks. Therefore, it is an important step.

Air vents also need to be inspected regularly. Often dust clogs up the air vents and it affects your cooling. A regular inspection of air vents is easy to do and can help avoid such problems.

3. Test Safety Equipment

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If you don’t own safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, you should buy them as soon as possible. You never know when an accident might happen and they can be life saving. However, if you do own such equipment, testing them is important too.

Safety equipment such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can become faulty as well. Therefore every few months we should test them out to see if they work. This step can help save lives and your house in any unfortunate event.

4. Ball Valves

If your house has a lawn or a yard, you probably know what a ball valve is. They allow you to control the flow of water through a pipe. Ball valves can get corroded or faulty as well. However, if you buy from a reputed ball valve manufacturer, you might not have to worry about it. We would still recommend that you inspect them from time to time just to make sure there’s no leakage or rust.

5. Clean The Drainage or Gutter

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This is one of the least fun but most important steps in home maintenance. Cleaning the drainage or gutter can be very disgusting. However, it is important. Proper cleaning will help remove any clogging and avoid problems that may be caused by it.

The good news is that you do not have to do this by yourself. You can hire workers that can do it for you and won’t charge you too much. Plus we doubt that a lot of us would be willing to do it ourselves anyway.

6. Give Your House A Bath

No matter how clean you keep your house, it deserves a bath every now and then. Small corners, windows, and the floor under your carpets can slowly get dirty again. Your furniture and carpets deserve to be cleaned and polished up every now and then as well.

There are companies you can hire that can give your house the scrub it needs. We’d recommend springtime for this activity. It is not too hot or cold and the weather is perfect for such an activity.


Source: vdio.com

All houses do need a deep clean every now and then. Similarly, appliances or other features of your house may need work from time to time as well. You might get scared thinking it is too much work but it actually is not. It won’t cost you a lot either.

One of the perks of regular house maintenance is that you will not have a huge pile of work to be done. It will help you lessen the cost burden as well. Thus we would recommend all of you to follow this list as the bare minimum.

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