6 Reasons Why Laser Cutting Is A Profitable Side Hustle

During the pandemic, almost all of us realized how important it is to have a side hustle that will bring us a certain amount of money in the domestic budget. Sometimes it is monetizing a hobby, and other times it is turning your own talents into a small business.

This was the reason why during the most difficult phases of 2020, many craftsmen, talented people, business innovators, and those who knew how to use the moment to promote themselves appeared.

So we can see a lot of makeup artists, stylists, skincare influencers, and designers, but also those who take part to a much higher level – epoxy artists and laser cutting and engraving experts.

Interestingly, many hobbies actually have a huge potential to be a profession for many of us. But there are those who have remained loyal to what they did before the pandemic, and use their hobbies and talent as a powerful extra work, which brings them money in the budget.


And when we mention laser cutting and engraving, let’s look at whether all this can be profitable, or just something that should remain a hobby. This is a craft and it is not a big market that we can hope for. Many people will never need this kind of service in their life.

For those who will, it will happen once or twice. Well, is it worth it to commit to this and make it your primary business? Of course, you can see for yourself that there is no huge profitability. First of all, machines are expensive to buy and maintain.

But if you already have such a machine for some reason, you can really use it to enhance your side hustle moment. If you decide to buy a machine and equipment yourself, you can look at the offer of a laser cutting machine co2 and see if and how much the price suits you.

However, there is potential for profitability for the following reasons:

1. Unique handmade designs for everyone


The designs are interesting and you may never order two of the same product. In fact, it is likely that you will stay focused on cutting and engraving small gifts for your friends. But they would still buy from you so they could give it to someone else. But, as you do all this, you can become really good and offer your creations in a studio or open an ETSY store.

These designs include phone cases, laptop covers, custom perfume bottles, or different glass accessories for your home. It gives a lot of options for personalization too, which means every product will be uniquely dedicated to the person who receives it.

2. A chance to stand out

You may think that there are already enough laser cutters on the market, but there is always room for a few more. Craftsmen often fail and lose their creativity, or focus on another part of the job. This gives hope to young and talented people to show off and be able to offer what they do best.

Even if there are too many laser cutters and engravers around you, keep in mind that neither is similar to the other. You all have a unique approach to work and no work can look like another.

3. Chance for own business


We all want to own a profitable business. Often hobbies and side hustles are a great way to start something new. It is enough to want to invest money and be able to afford to buy a suitable engraving machine.

Furthermore, things will go exactly as you wish – you will work as hard as you can and dedicate yourself to your side hustle as much as you can afford.

4. Big investment with big profit

Laser-cut machines are really expensive and you can sometimes get a discount or installment payment option. But what often overwhelms people is the question of whether it is possible to repay that investment. In fact, at best, the investment will pay off in the first six months.

Sometimes it can happen much earlier. It all depends on how much you want to invest in this business. And if you offer the right products, you will always have customers who will order.

5. Encourage your artistic expression


The more dedicated you are to this hobby, the easier it will be for you to get inspired for the next design. This improves both artistic expression and creativity. That way you will be able to properly value your work. You can also cater to the wishes of customers. This way you can make engraved works of art.

You do not have to be afraid that you will not know how to operate the laser. In fact, the whole process is so easy and simple, it is enough to have a test cut only once, and then you know exactly what you are doing.

6. Opportunity to collaborate with experienced artists

If you are new to laser cutting, make sure you get to know other artists and help each other. In fact, hanging out with people who work just like you can be really productive. You will be inspired by each other and then you will easily be able to find your place in the market. It is enough to really want to do this and of course, to be persistent in your intention.



Any side hustle can easily turn into a lucrative business. It is enough to really want it. You can also commit to what you want, instead of getting stuck in your work from 9 am to 5 pm. Many people have succeeded in this, even in times of global crisis and pandemics.

And do you know why? For fine arts and crafts, everyone wants to set aside money from their budget. That way they receive a unique and wonderful gift for their loved ones. So, if laser cut is your calling, you can really make good money in the future. Be committed and it will really pay off soon.

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