5 Reasons Why Soccer Is The Best Sport To Bet On

There are a lot of debates about which sports is the best and easiest to bet on. And, quite frankly, you can probably make a case for any sport if you know enough about it. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it the best sport to bet on.

The best sport to bet on should be a sport that you can bet on without knowing anything about it and still win – and that sport is soccer. Here’s why!

1. Favorites Often Win


While it is true that it is not uncommon for an underdog to win a soccer match (just take a look at Chelsea’s history with West Ham), most of the time, favorites win soccer matches. So, that alone should be enough for someone who has never placed the bet before to place one and win. All it takes is looking at the odds and using them to your advantage – that’s it.

2. The Odds Are Good

When Rafael Nadal plays tennis against the 50th guy in the world at a clay court, the odds of him winning are 1.01. That means that if you want to win any significant amount of money – you’d have to bet at least $10,000 on Rafa. On the other hand, if Chelsea plays a Premier League relegation zone team – the odds are at least 1.30, sometimes even higher. In theory, and in practice, Rafa has a much better chance of winning that match, hence the worse odds, but then again – what’s the point of betting on him if the winnings are almost non-existent?

3. There’s Always A Game Going On


Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world. Everyone plays it. And, seeing how everyone plays it, you can log in to your account at Joo Casino and find the best odds and place a bet on a football match at any given time. Honestly, pick any day, any time – at least a few soccer games are on.

4. You Can Bet On Goals Scored


Instead of betting on the winner of the match – you can bet on the goal scored. Betting on goals is arguably a lot easier than predicting the winner. All you’ll have to do is check out some stats, see how scores most goals on average and bet on them scoring. The odds might not be as great, but the chances are on your side because efficient teams rarely fail to shake the net.

5. It Is Easy To Win Live Soccer Bets

Finally, another reason why we feel soccer is the best sport to bet on is live betting. Comebacks and turnarounds often happen in sports – just ask Atlanta Falcons fans. However, in soccer, they’re not that often, which means you can use that to your advantage.

All you’ll have to do is watch the game and see how the teams are playing and place a live bet accordingly. If a team is leading by two goals and are still attacking – we feel like it’s safe to say to bet your money on that team winning.


There you have it. Those were the top 5 reasons why soccer is the best sport to bet on. If some others come to mind – don’t hesitate to let us know!

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