Authentic Impressions: Real Reviews of Our Favorite Glamping Stays

We can say whatever we want you to hear about glamping holidays in Norway. But how often have we been in situations where we have believed the words, then found the reality to be different, in any area of life?

Everything ultimately works by word of mouth. Nothing can beat candid first-hand perspectives from fellow travelers who’ve experienced one-of-a-kind luxury camping stays across Norway’s breathtaking landscapes. Here we present some of the feedback WonderInn glamping sites have received from those who have actually stayed there!

WonderInn Bubble Nest Tree Tents – rated 5/5

WonderInn Bubble Nest Tree Tents

As Advertised – “Escape into a private world while cocooned within these sphere shaped tent pods. Set near the UNESCO World Heritage Fjords, they hover peacefully amongst aged trees with epic panoramas over glacial fjord waters”.

How You Get There – Located 15 minutes from Flåm village, the tree tents are reached by car via the RV13 scenic coastal road, which offers incredible fjord views along the way. Alternatively custom water taxi boat transfers can be arranged direct to the property.

What You’ll Find – These suspended blue grey linen cocoons feature glass domed ceilings for stargazing and plush beds. The two connected pods include a living area and ensuite bathroom with a rainfall shower, and continuing floor to ceiling views. Yoga platforms, hammocks and an outdoor kitchen supplement the experience of the ultimate comfort surrounded by nature.

What They Said

“We were totally blown away waking up in the trees with epic views over the fjord from both bubble bedroom pods. The experience was straight out of a fairytale!” – Jessica, New York

“A once-in-a-lifetime memory-making stay for our anniversary. We enjoyed amazing locally sourced meals, cozy hammocks, saunas and more.” – Lucy, London

Northern Lights Cabins by WonderInn – rated 5/5

Northern Lights Cabins by WonderInn

As Advertised – “Positioned within the Arctic wilderness, these remote yet well appointed mirrored glass cabins allow direct views skyward for Northern Light spotting through expansive glass ceilings and walls. Snow piles up around the dwellings during the deepest winter months”.

How You Get There – This accommodation is a few minutes outside the village of Laukslett, and is accessible by private transfer or by renting your own transportation to maximise flexibility during Northern Lights viewing expeditions.

What You’ll Find – Lit log fires, wool blankets and oversized beds enhance the process of keeping yourself warm and cozy whilst your eyes are peeled to the dark skies overhead. Regional culinary fare is available from right inside the facility while you scan the frozen landscapes for reindeer and arctic hares during the daylight hours.

What They Said

“Unforgettable nights viewing brilliant Northern Light shows right outside our private cottage with glass ceiling and walls. We snowshoed daily and returned to the lodge each evening hopeful to catch the vibrant sky colors again!” – Diego, Spain

“The wooden cabins topped with glass ceilings truly maximize Northern Lights viewing opportunities while staying warm and cozy. We were amazed at how clearly we could see the colorful display dancing overhead right from our plush bed!” – Leila, Dubai

Geirangerfjord Safari Camp – rated 4.5/5

Geirangerfjord Safari Camp

As Advertised – “Spacious safari style tents fully capture UNESCO protected fjord views through wide panoramic windows. Carefully curated interiors provide deluxe amenities like king beds, plush furnishings and a well stocked kitchenette atop secluded hillsides”.

How You Get There – Travel the RV63 to Geiranger village through classic fjord scenery and then ascend the hairpin Flydalsjuvet road for 5 minutes to reach the exclusive hilltop.

What You’ll Find – Wide canvas ceilings give the camp an outdoor feel and allow fresh fjord air to fill the creatively designed tents. Locally crafted decor and textiles supplement the heritage surroundings speckled with fairytale hamlets with tiny red roofed cottages along the fjord’s edge.

What They Said

“Spacious tents fully equipped with stunning vistas, comfy beds, dining spaces and even yoga platforms!” – Nadia, Germany

“Prepare for vertigo-inducing views! Cabin tents sit impressively atop hills surveying epic Geirangerfjord panoramas.” – William, Canada

Bubble Lux Arctic – rated 5/5

Bubble Lux Arctic

As Advertised – “Floor to ceiling domed transparent ceilings showcase Norway’s Arctic Circle from encased bed nooks mere footsteps from the sea’s edge. Safely take in sweeping Lofoten Island views while being gently rocked to sleep by ambient waves”.

How You Get There – Take the E10 past Reine towards Hamnøy village – allow 25 minutes from Svolvaer. Then park and follow the signage for the 5 minute walk to the bubbles along the sea’s edge.

What You’ll Find – Fully heated bubble domes help you combat the harsh sea sprayed elements and provide maximum relaxation atop ergonomic beds piled high with tufted blankets, throw pillows and ambient lighting features. Step outside the insulated door to seaside serenity amid the craggy peaks and clear midnight sun summer skies or colorful Auroras of winter.

What They Said

“Loved waking being gently rocked by Norway Sea waves lapping the steps from our warm bubble hideaway to views of Lofoten peaks.” – Alicia, Poland

“Cozy bubble stays watching flickering Northern Lights with warming cups of gløgg in hand was everything.” – Andre, Denmark

Norway offers a wide range of glamping experiences – from perched treehouse tents overlooking mighty fjords to sleeping under starlight with the Northern Lights swirling overhead. Whatever your taste, there is something for you, because Norway is that kind of place.

Hopefully reading these first-hand perspectives on these amazing glamping stays from fellow travelers will inspire you to customize your own Nordic luxury camping holiday.

Norway is filled with natural marvels wherever you roam, and personal connections can only be deepened by the shared experience of wonder it offers. A wide range of visitors have discovered this for themselves, and seen their lives enhanced by it. So can you!

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