Can You Keep Rabbits In Your Backyard

Nowadays, people often think about raising animals in their backyard when there are real possibilities for that. To be clear, in every country and every municipality there are certain regulations that must be met in order for the breeding of animals like rabbits to be possible.

On the other hand, even when you have permission to breed them, the question arises whether this is possible for your specific case. Do you have enough resources to raise bunnies in your backyard and ensure that they have all the treatment they need? Only you can answer this question. Below we answer in more detail the question: can you keep rabbits in your backyard?

Can you raise rabbits outside?

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When it comes to breeding rabbits, there are several reasons why people may choose this. The first reason is keeping them as pets that your children can play with. Another reason is the breeding of rabbits exclusively for meat and for dietary purposes.

Whatever the reason, people are wondering if it’s okay for rabbits to be raised outdoors. And to be clear, this is fine if you know how to protect rabbits from adverse external conditions and ensure that they have the treatment they need. If you think you can meet these criteria then there is no reason not to opt for keeping rabbits outside.

Of course, before embarking on this adventure it is necessary to check the local regulations in your place and conclude whether it is legal to breed rabbits in your yard. Breeding rabbits in this way is often limited in terms of the number of rabbits or the type of shelter for them, so this is something you should pay attention to.

What should you provide rabbits if you keep them outside?

1. Shelter

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When raising rabbits in the yard, the first step is to provide them with optimal shelter in which they will be protected from adverse external conditions such as rain, snow, wind, sun and others. Most rabbits are quite resistant to low temperatures, but the same story does not apply to high ones.

If you live in an area with a lot of sun and heat then a hutch with enough shade is a good choice for your rabbits. Depending on the type of rabbit and the number of rabbits, the choice of the most optimal shelter will vary. For smaller rabbits and only a few of them, rabbit hutches may be the perfect choice.

You can find a number of different options on the market today, so we suggest you take the time to find a rabbit hutch for your rabbit that is big enough and provides all the extra benefits.

2. Food

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Optimal nutrition plays a very important role in raising a healthy and happy rabbit. Make sure you provide your rabbits with enough grass or hay to have something to nibble on throughout the day. These should be predominantly present in their diet, because they have a very good effect on  the intestines function, and constant nibbling helps to wear teeth and prevent disease. Also, make sure to include green leafy vegetables in your rabbit’s diet, and sometimes carrots or other root vegetables, as small amounts can be good for them (as a treat).

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