How to Treat Your Adult Toys – Follow the List to Stay Safe (and Happy!)

Properly cleaning sex toys is important to help avoid bacterial infection or transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Some STIs, such as hepatitis and scabies, can live for weeks or months outside the body. If you want to prevent pregnancy, it’s also important to remove sperm that may be on the sex toy before using it near or in the vagina. The manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the sex toy should be followed carefully. If you find that cleaning the toy is time consuming or unrealistic, consider purchasing a different one. The information provided below is intended to give you a general idea of how to clean different types of toys and shouldn’t be used as a replacement for your manufacturer’s instructions.For basic toy care, remove any batteries. Never submerge electrical components in water. Clean your toys with a damp, soapy washcloth and antibacterial soap. Keep your toys stored for example in a container or pouch, in a cool, dry place. If you are interested in specialistic and safe intimate cleaning products, check one of better equipped online stores

Can You wash sex toys with soap and water?

All of the experts agreed, that most sex toys can be cleaned with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. You should wash them for at least 20 seconds, just like washing your hands! Remember to dry them with a fresh towel. It is recommended for both a motorized and non-motorized silicone, stainless steel, or glass toy. This technique should do the trick for nonporous toys.

Cleaning non-porous materials like: glass, stainless steel, hard plastic, and silicone:


-Wash glass toys with soap and water. Dishwasher-safe Pyrex toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Avoid extreme temperatures with glass toys.-Stainless steel can be cleaned in water (warm or cold) and mild detergent. If it is plugged into a power source, never immerse any electrical components in water. Stainless steel is also dishwasher safe.-Hard plastic can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water, but it should not be boiled.-To clean silicone toys, you can choose one of three options. You can boil a silicone toy for 5-10 minutes; put it on the top rack of your dishwasher (without detergent); or wash it with soap and warm water. Do not boil silicone vibrators because they will break.

Cleaning porous materials: rubber, vinyl, Cyberskin, nylon, and leather:

-Rubber toys are porous and difficult to clean. They may contain phthalates, chemicals which have been shown to be harmful to your health. For these reasons, it is recommended that you use condoms with these types of toys.

-Cyberskin and Vinyl toys require special care. Wash them gently with warm water and air dry them before storing them in a cool, dark place. Sprinkle cornstarch on the surface of porous materials to keep them from getting sticky.

-Nylon harnesses and toys can be washed in the washing machine or hand-washed with mild anti-bacterial soap.

-Clean leather products with a damp soapy cloth or leather cleaner. Do not soak the leather. After cleaning, you may recondition your toy using a leather conditioner. Protect metal parts from tarnish by applying clear nail polish.

Incredibly Useful Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

Visually appealing

When using your toys, you should always be aware of the condition they are in. Check for rips, tears, scratches or other damage. Not only could this compromise the integrity of your toy, but it could also cause discomfort or harm. If a toy has such defects, throw it out and recycle it safely; then replace it with a new one. If there’s a manufacturing issue then contact us and we’ll find the solution for you.

A right sex toy for the right job


In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to get carried away and use toys in ways they weren’t intended to be used. This can cause damage to the toy or your body. To help prolong both, please use your toys in the way they were designed for.

Sharing sex

When sharing sex toys, be mindful of the fact that you should not share the same toy from anus to vagina without washing it first. This is because bacteria from your anus could potentially cause an infection in your vagina.

Sharing sex toys

Sharing sex toys can be risky. To ensure the safety of all involved, follow the same precautions you would take when sharing partners. Harmful stuff can be transmitted via toys as much as it can other body parts so only share responsibly.

Clean up your sex toys

Clean your sex toys after each use. We recommend washing with warm water and a neutral PH soap or rubbing alcohol. Submersible toys can be cleaned under running water or in a basin of rubbing alcohol.

Tight on time?


Condoms can be an effective way to avoid having to clean up after a toy session. Ideal for those quickies!

Sex toy storage

Don’t just toss them under the bed or in a closet where all sorts of debris can build up. Instead, use their cases and carry bags, and place them in a dedicated area for them. This helps prevent accidental damage and ensures they remain dust-free and ready for next time!

How should you store your sex toys?

The way you store your sex toys can affect their cleanliness. If you clean your toy, but then place it with other unclean toys, it will soon become dirty once again. So it’s key to store your toy in a case or container that is dedicated to that purpose if it came with one. If you don’t have a special case, you can use a clean container with a closure like a makeup bag with a zipper. Store your sex toys with the same care you do other sensitive items, such as a menstrual cup.

Remember to Wash Your Sex Toys Before & After You Use Them

It may sound like a hassle to clean your sex toys every time you use them, especially if you’re in the middle of something hot and heavy. But if you assume that your toy is safe to play with after you wash it, you could end up putting yourself at risk for infections. After using soap on it, make sure to rinse it thoroughly before you put it away.New toys should be washed before you play with them. They may not be covered in germs, but the factories they came from aren’t clean rooms.After you clean your sex toys, storing them in a sanitized case or bag will help keep them hygienic. But it’s still a good idea to clean your toys both before and after using them: It takes only a minute, and knowing you’re protected from infection means you can fully focus on pleasure.

After washing sex toys, always use clean towels to dry them off


It’s important to use either a clean hand towel or a fresh paper towel to dry your sex toys. Don’t think it’s ever safe to use the dingy towel hanging in your bathroom: Unless you live alone and never have guests over, or you wash your bath towels daily, then that towel’s almost certainly got some bacteria lurking on it. After washing your sex toys, it’s important to dry them thoroughly before putting them away. Even if you keep your sex toy storage space very clean, even slightly damp toys are susceptible to mould and mildew growth. Mould won’t just ruin your toys, it’s obviously something you don’t want to rub on or inside yourself.

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