5 Best & Worst Materials For Sex Toys – 2024 Guide

Even though most people are not interested in openly talking about sex toys, we can notice a huge expansion in sales in recent years. The main factors that affected such a rise in popularity are the improvements in technology that provides more pleasure and the recent occasions related to the pandemic and the fact that many people had to stay at home during 2024.

Producers are targeting both men and women with all sorts of products. The most popular option for men is sex dolls. If you want to check some of the best models, visit On the other hand, huge competition on this market is bringing many benefits, but it is very important to learn more about the manufacturers. The crucial part is to check the materials used in the production. Here are some of the best materials and those to avoid.

Best Options

1. Silicone


This material is common in the production of various products today. Some of the main features are resistance to water and heat. Also, it is important to note that it is completely safe for your body, and there is no chance to face any side effects. It is quite simple to keep it clean, and chances are small that the smell will remain on it after washing. The reason why this material is perfect for sex toys is related to its antibacterial features. Check xinghaoya for more help.

2. Borosilicate

This option is harder and less flexible when compared to silicone. Also, it won’t maintain dirt or smell. It is safe for you. However, it is essential to choose toys made of glass that contain borosilicate since that represents protection from metals that might be used in the production.

3. Wood


Even though it is not as popular as some other materials, it is safe to use it. However, sex toys made of wood are more for the presentation rather than using them for pleasure due to the lack of flexibility. On the other hand, there are some models created in combination with rubber, that can be a perfect solution for having a great time.

Materials to Avoid


1. Plastic With Phthalates

The reason why some producers are using this material in production is that it provides improved features for the toys. However, there is a chance to face various

since it contains dangerous chemicals that could lead to all kinds of autoimmune and chronic diseases.

2. PVC

It is common for PVC to contain various harmful chemicals and metals. This option was very popular for some time before the researches have determined the negative sides. Still, there might be some manufacturers that are using it today as well. In that matter, we suggest you always read the label of products you are interested in before buying them.

Last Words

The best way to avoid any issues that can cause less pleasure or health issues is to choose only well-known brands. Therefore, research the market, read the labels, and check the reviews of other users. Never focus only on the design and additional features.

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