How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take To Dry?

The comfort and originality of the interior largely depend on choosing the right carpet. However, carpets must be regularly maintained and washed – both in summer and during winter. We all know that we will take our carpet to the cleaning service for a quality wash, but we often wonder how long it will take for the carpet to dry. Here is the answer to that question.

Carpet Cleaning


Due to frequent walking, especially in shoes – carpets, and rugs are collecting the most dirt. Among the dirt particles, some allergens and microorganisms cause infectious diseases and odors. Classic cleaning methods and ordinary detergents can only partially help – because professional deep washing is the only way for your carpets to come to life again and become safe for everyday use.

Deep carpet washing is not done just to restore color, softness, and beauty. As the name suggests, it is important to eliminate both visible and invisible impurities – and through this kind of work, this is very much achieved.

Why Is Professional Carpet Cleaning And Drying So Important?

Believe it or not, carpets can hold a lot of dirt per square foot. This can never be removed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner for home use, a broom, or a sponge. Also, if you wash the carpets yourself, you know how long they need to dry, and if they stay wet, they become a base for the development of mold.

A reliable carpet service like Carpet Cleaning Dublin will perform both carpet washing and drying. But you’re still wondering how long it will take. Both cleaning and drying will take just 24 hours, and we will explain to you how that is possible.

How Long It Takes A Washed Carpet To Dry?


What people don’t usually know is that professional carpet washing services use different methods to dry deep-washed carpets. Depending on the type of carpet – natural and alternative drying methods are used.

Both of these methods have one thing in common – and that is the use of a special spinning centrifuge that does most of the work.

This centrifuge is similar to the one we all have in our washing machines. However, it is a machine that is much bigger and stronger so that carpets of various dimensions can fit in it and drain completely. This machine does most of the work when drying carpets because they come out of it about 90% dry. That is why carpet services can return the carpet to you within 24 hours of taking it completely washed and dried.

Carpet Drying Methods

What is the further drying process? Two methods are usually used.

  • Natural drying of carpets

Natural drying is done outdoors or in a large area. Of course, before this drying, the carpet is dried with machines during the washing itself, so that it is mounted only for airing. The exceptions are carpets that are washed with a hydrant hose, they are literally drained, dried with machines, and then hung up.

  • Carpet drying in the chamber

Drying in a chamber means drying in special rooms where high temperatures prevail with the appropriate airflow – and there the carpets dry completely in a couple of hours.

Do You Know Why Fast Drying Is So Important?


This is especially important because of the colors on the carpet. The colors on the carpet suffer the most and fade – not because of drying in the sun, but because of the moisture that is in them. The longer the carpet is soaked – the more its colors wash out and lose their strength.

In addition, when the carpet is wet, mold can develop. That is why you must dry your carpet quickly after washing – because that is the only way it will last you a long time.

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