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Ultimate Guide to a Home Warranty

Looking for a new house to move in is always an exciting process. Researching the market is a process that will require quite a lot of time on your behalf. Sure, you can narrow down your choices by opting for a certain state or town.

Nevertheless, every region you opt for will provide you with a plethora of choices, you can be sure of that. We can see that this is one of the busiest markets.

Just think about how many people out there are selling their homes every day in the United States. According to some surveys, roughly 3 million households are sold every year.

You will agree that this is a pretty high number for any market. If this is not proof that we are talking about one of the busiest markets out there, we don’t know what is.

There are a lot of things you need to have in mind when making this decision. However, probably the most important one is obtaining a proper home warranty.

If you require one, visit completecarehomewarranty.com. Even though the name is relatively simple, many people don’t understand the particularities. For this reason, we would like to talk about some of the most significant ones in this article of ours.

The Basics

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Whenever you are about to purchase a new home for you and your family, you will need to inspect the systems that you haven’t worked on. We are talking about plumbing, ventilation, heating, and electrical systems. Sometimes, the seller will let you know if there is something wrong with them.

That way, you can lower the price of the house quite a bit. In some situations, there will be no indications that there are any problems with these whatsoever. So, these problems can come as a negative surprise for you. Meaning, you will need to invest even more money into fixing these.

Since you have just bought a house, chances are that you will not have enough funds for a project like this. Thankfully, this is the situation when a home warranty will come in handy. Naturally, it can be used even when you didn’t purchase a new home. So, the possibilities are practically limitless.

How to Obtain it Properly?

Since countless elements make your house what it is, you will need to have an insight into all of them before you decide to obtain this sort of warranty. That’s why we would like to guide you through a couple of steps that will prove crucial in the long run, you can be certain of that.

1. Maintenance Records

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The first thing you need to do is to gather all the records regarding the maintenance of systems inside your home. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The company that issues these will be interested in taking a look at them. That way, they can determine your rate, based on the state of your household. If the state is not as best as it can be, you will need to pay higher monthly installments.

Not to mention that there is a chance that your claim can be rejected if you don’t have it. Surely, the companies are interested in the current state. They will not cover any damage that has occurred before you signed a contract. Furthermore, these records can prove useful in any future repairs. The people who will conduct these works will know where they should start and how to care for the problems.

2. Listing the Items

The next factor we feel is crucial to mention is listing out the items you need coverage for. You can see that there is an analogy between this approach and pretty much any other sort of coverage or insurance. No warranty can cover your home 100%. So, you will need to point out the most significant ones and take care of them as soon as possible, at least formally.

In case you have obtained some sort of coverage before, make sure that the items covered by these are not covered once again by a new one. Simply said, there is no need for that. You can save quite a lot of money by purchasing a warranty only for what you need, without making the list longer than it is needed. Whenever you have a problem with a system or an item, this coverage will be of crucial help.

3. Write a High-Detail Plan

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Naturally, the ideal scenario would be you insuring all the expensive and critical systems inside your home. Sadly, you will not have the means to fulfill this always. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the best of what you can work with. To make this process as easier as it can be for you, you should write a high-detail plan about what you want to insure and why.

The reason why this is a significant factor is that many companies can provide you with some sort of discount based on these plans. In some situations, the company will ask you to make a couple of changes to this plan, to complement it with what they can offer you. Meaning, that way, you will make it much more effective to perform when needed.

What if There is Already One?

It is not uncommon for people to find the perfect new home for them, only to find that there is a home warranty on it. Many think that this can be quite a big problem for them. But it doesn’t have to be that big.

Having a conversation with a realtor will shine a light on everything you need to know, and how you should handle it. Finding out what is insured is an absolute must, especially if you plan on obtaining another one.


Without any doubt, a home warranty can prevent many headaches. Here, we’ve provided you with a guide on everything you need to know about this concept. Having a proper understanding is a crucial factor in making it as smooth as it can be. We are confident you will find all the points useful in this process.

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