6 Reasons to Get Leading SAFe Certification – 2024 Guide

Agile management is on the rise. According to the recent statistics, around 71% (Source: Go remotely blog) of the global companies are adopting Agile into their business model. The SAFe® framework is a leading pillar of Agile technology, having superior benefits over the Scrum methodologies. However, with more and more companies adapting to Agile, it isn’t surprising that the Leading SAFe® Course has gained immense importance in the corporate world.

Getting the right knowledge via certification is crucial. And, signing up on a reliable e-learning platform makes that happen. KnowledgeHut is a leading center for professional courses and specializes in Agile technology courses, including Leading SAFe Certification. Not only do you get to learn from certified professionals, but the platform is also tied with global centers to make acquiring the certification worthwhile.

Following are some reasons why you should consider getting a Leading SAFe Certification.

1. Substantial Hike in Salary

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If you are tired of the stagnant salary slab with no potential growth to it, getting a SAFe Agilist Certification can drastically change that. Even reports suggest that individuals with the certification earn 25% more than the ones who don’t.

2. Supports Your Growth in The Corporate World

The competition surrounding the SAFe Agilist is very low at this point. This means that you have a higher chance of growing in the current market as opposed to a few years in the future. Having this global certification gives you an upper hand against your competitors, colleagues, and peers, enabling you to secure a higher position in the niche you are working in.

3. Consistent Delivery

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With the Leading SAFe Certification, you can make your project management scope a lot easier and manageable. You can integrate with DevOps to ensure consistent delivery of the workflow to the client without anything stopping you in the middle.

4. Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

It isn’t even a question but the more you know and the more knowledge you have about a subject, the easier it becomes for you to make decisions. The SAFe Agilist certification teaches you about Lean Portfolio Management that makes decision-making a lot simple and organized. It also enables you to boost the economy and estimation capacity of a company.

5. Reduces Project Complexities

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If you are confused about the project workflow and witnessing consistent roadblocks, having the SAFe certification can effectively help. It streamlines teamwork, makes the workflow simple and transparent, and helps you make informed decisions in a project that ensure positive outcomes.

6. Globally Recognized Certification

Last but not least is the fact that the SAFe Agilist Certification is globally recognized. Not just in your home country, it is viable in a foreign country, ensuring that your chances of growth are equal anywhere you go.

Final Words

If you want to support your dreams and make it big, the Leading SAFe Certification is the key to that. Especially now that the concept is pretty new and in its budding stages, now is the time for you to grope the opportunity before the market reaches saturation. If you were sceptical about this certification, we hope the benefits of it help you take the right decision.

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