6 Interesting Facts and Myths About Numerology – 2024 Guide

We all believe in something, even those who say that they do not believe in anything. People often get mistaken when this topic is brought as they usually instantly start thinking that it is about religion, which, in most situations, isn’t the case.

Some of you believe in astrology, while others believe in horoscope and are willing to fight with those who don’t share their opinion that Capricorn is the most stubborn yet righteous sign of them all, as an example, and before you say another word, let us interrupt and say that yes, there is a difference between astrology and horoscope, and while the first one is considered as a pseudoscience, the second one is part of it as it uses astrology principles and concepts.

As you can see, beliefs vary, but what we should all do before saying that something is irrelevant and making any assumptions is to look at it all from another angle, from another perspective. It will broaden our view on that topic, and the more one knows, the better the choices in life they will make.

Facts vs. myths

We will not say anything new if we say that knowledge is everything, and there is way too much of it that any individual can take. Of course, all of this mentioned so far can be a topic for some philosophical debate, but nonetheless, it’s funny how even some small mishearing or, let’s use slang for a moment, a typo can be a point where some new myth rises.

The internet is full of false info, fake news, and, of course, myths and legends, and when we combine that with something like numerology, we can come across some pretty amusing and funny stuff. So, since you have probably heard at least one “fact” about numerology, let’s check whether it is a fact or just some myth. You can also visit Juneau Empire for more information.

1. It can predict the future

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Numerology is something people strongly believe in for thousands of years now, and it all started in Ancient Greece. In order to get a better understanding of how important numbers were for people back then, you need to know that science and belief in numbers was also a big thing in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. Of course, like most other things, numerology also changed through time, but its concept remained the same, and even though some consider it as a fortune-telling science, it’s used to provide you with an idea of your present and future, and not make any sort of predictions.

2. It can tell you lucky days

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Every person deserves a little luck in their lives, and every one of us wants to know when our lucky days are. The reasons for that are numerous, and while some people want to know the date of their lucky day to try their luck at the bookmakers or casino, those who are more romantic will hope to find a perfect partner of that day. No matter the reason, it is hard to resist not asking about lucky days, and it is great that you can actually use numerology to find that out. Even those who do not believe in it always check the date and wait for some miracle then.

4. It can predict how much we match our partner

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Numerology assumes that each of us has our own personal number that describes each of us and determines many things in our lives, including the perfect partner. On the other hand, our potential, future, or current partner also has their own number that describes them, and therefore with the help of numerology, you can find out how much our two numbers match. When we find out, we will know what our chances are for a future as a pair and whether it is worth fighting for. Of course, it is not something that you should listen to blindly because the choice for our partner should be based on many things and not only on numbers.

5. Personal numbers

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We already mentioned the term personal number, but we didn’t say how to calculate it. Well, there are a few options to calculate it, and the most popular one is to use the date of birth and add up all the digits until you get a one-digit number. In most cases, we will get a two-digit number once we when we add each digit individually, and what we need to do in the end is to add those two digits as well. Another way to calculate the personal number is to use the birth name and to find appropriate digits for every letter before you add up the digits like we did when we use the date of birth.

6. It can tell us our weaknesses and strengths

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Sometimes every person needs some incentive to move on or make an important decision, but it can be pretty difficult to find it. Luckily, this is another situation where we can use the power of numerology and find out what are our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing our strengths can help us make the right decision or fight more for something that can really change our life without thinking that we are not good and strong enough for that. On the other side, knowing our weaknesses can help us avoid situations we are not good at and find some other things to do instead of feeling incompetent without reason. Of course, we can always decide to make our weaknesses our strengths if we are persistent enough.

Summing up

After debunking some myths and providing some facts, you should get a much better insight into what numerology really is and how it can actually be of help. Just think about how many ideas, beliefs, and concepts that we still use today came from Ancient Greeks, so why would this be any different. Of course, it’s understandable to have doubt, so if you need more info on numerology or want to test these facts by yourself, check World Numerology, as it will change the way you see the world.

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