5 Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Upcoming NFL Season – 2024 Guide

With the 2024 NFL season set to get underway imminently, there are a number of facts that are worth knowing that can provide fans with tidbits of information that could become rather handy when watching their favourite teams compete, or when taking part in a pop quiz.

Unsurprisingly, American Football is one of the most-watched sports within the United States of America and one that continues to see its appeal overseas continue to grow, especially within the European market. For instance, London has hosted a number of games over the years and continues to host a handful of matches each season as the United Kingdom market continues to grow, whilst there is emerging markets in other European countries such as Germany, which is thought to be a potential new destination in which regular-season games could be held in the future.

According to figures, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting and television events to take place each year, with almost one in three American’s tuning in to watch the NFL’s showpiece each year, as they watch the two best franchises compete against each other for the right to be called the best and world champions.

Nonetheless, before we see the 2024 NFL season unfold in front of our eyes and potentially see Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes take the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Kansas City Chiefs to another Super Bowl, we thought it would be fun to enjoy some stats and facts that might not be widely known amongst fans of the sport.

1. Betting on the NFL to be bigger than ever

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As already established, American Football could be argued to be the number one sport within the country, as it continues to attract a huge viewership. In addition to the viewership, though, is the number of people who will combine the watching experience with a betting experience that can make the sport even more enjoyable to watch.

Sports betting has recently taken off in the US as more and more states are starting to allow for igaming operators to provide their services within certain borders and with the 2024 NFL season potentially one of the first seasons in which the betting services will be legally permitted, it would not be a surprise to see many looking for the best nfl odds for next season in the coming days.

Millions of people will now be able to access a number of different sportsbooks where they will be able to bet on their favourite teams across a variety of different markets and with the NFL already amongst one of the most popular sports bets possible, expect it to grow significantly over the next season.

2. More games added to the schedule

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Although this might be a widely known fact, it is still a fact that has been introduced into the NFL and one that could make a whole difference for a number of reasons.

The NFL schedule has received a modification as we head into the 2024 season, as teams will now be required to play an additional game than they would have been used to. Initially, teams who did not make the playoffs would have to compete in 16 matches in order to try and qualify for the postseason.

However, they will now play an additional match that will take them to 17 which will be played across an 18-week period, thus keeping the bye week in place. The added game is a fifth interconference game that will be played between divisions that had played against each other two years prior and based on their finish in the previous season. AFC teams will host the matches in odd-numbered years, whilst NFC teams would be home in even-numbered years.

3. New Uniforms

Whilst changes to uniforms can be a rather regular thing as it helps with extra revenue coming in, the New York Giants have decided to pay homage to the Super Bowl title that they won 10 years ago in the upcoming season.

Big Blue have decided to go away from the gray pants with new white pants, but they will don them in their Week 6 match against the Los Angeles Rams, whilst San Fransisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns will all commemorate landmark years.

4. Tom Brady has been in the NFL longer than some rookies have been alive

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The legend that is Tom Brady does not appear to be ending any time soon in regards to his playing days and the 44-year-old actually suited up before some of the members of the 2024 NFL Draft were even born. Detroit Lions’ 1st-round pick, Penei Sewell, was only born on October 2000, just one month before Brady got his first chance to impress in the League as a rookie himself. As they say, the rest is history.

5. Mind-blowing figures

Any hardcore NFL fan will perhaps know some of the figures that are about to be mentioned, however they still make for mind-blowing reading. One of the most mind-boggling figures is in relation to the amount of time that the game is actually played for.

We all know that there are four quarters of 15 minutes, which adds up to 60 minutes of play. However, on average, just 11 minutes of the entire hour played is actually football! 67 minutes of a game (which can go on for between 3 and 4 hours from start to finish) is of players just standing around, whilst 17 minutes are said to be worth of replays.

Oh, for those that are fans of watching the cheerleaders, it is wise not to blink otherwise you will miss them with just 3 seconds.

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