Can You Wear a Dive Watch With a Suit? 2024 Style Guide

No matter the type of event, you should always thrive to dress up nicely. Not only does that increases your confidence, but it also shows how much you care about your looks which other people notice.

Nothing speaks more for your style than the right amount of accessories and jewelry. By matching these things together, you are on the right way to dressing up nicely.

However, dive watches have been associated with sporty looks, and the main question most men have is whether they can wear them with a suit. Although the simple answer is yes, in this article we’ll talk more about this topic including a couple of key principles in matching your diver and suit with the event.

What type of diver goes right with a suit


While in most casual events any dive watch is suitable for you to wear, in slightly formal events you have to be more careful. Since you are dressing up, leaving the wrong details around you is just not right.

The size is the most important thing you have to consider while selecting the watch. It has to sit perfectly on the wrist without being prominent past your wrist bones. In that case, consider getting a diver with smaller dimensions that fit nicely and comfortably. That way, you can be both sporty and elegant which is the factor we are pursuing.

With lots of watch manufacturers, there are lots of models you can find. Variants with different strap materials and colors as well as various sizes and diameters are constantly available. In case you need a diver, this website offers lots of men’s wrist watches that you can consider.

Casual events


For casual events, you might be participating in parties after work, for example, going with a sportier look is always a good idea. A suit and pants in a combination with a shirt surely go nicely in a combination with your dive watch.

In addition, you might replace the shirt with a regular t-shirt and your leather shoes with nice elegant sneakers. With every sporty adjustment on your suit combination, a diver is always a great match.

More than casual events

In case you are going to an event that is slightly more formal than casual, wearing a dive watch can be good as well. Just be sure the event is not a completely formal one like a gala for example.

For combination ideas, you can replace your metal strap and attach a leather one. That way, the leather of your diver watch can be matched with the color of your belt or shoes. For black suits, be sure that the strap is black as well.

Should you wear your diver with a tuxedo


This is the only situation where you are not supposed to wear your diver. Since tuxedos are fancy and the watch is meant to be hidden beneath the sleeves, that is impossible with such a large model. That is the reason why most of the watches that are suitable for tuxedos and formal events are tiny and slim.

If you are attending a formal event wearing your tux and you don’t have any other watch besides the diver, consider going without one. Not only it will not be seen under the sleeves, but it is also better to go without than to wear an inappropriate one.

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