Cat-Eye Glasses: All You Need to Know

Anyone who follows fashion and trends closely knows the importance and worth of cat eyeglasses. Many celebrities and icons are enormous fans of cat eyeglasses. Katy Perry is one of the most known crazy fans of cat eyeglasses.

You may think that cat eyeglasses are a new trend, but it’s not. Cat eye glasses have a long history. Another question that may come to your mind is why cat eyeglasses have become so popular now? This article will let you know the origin and history of cat eyeglasses.

Besides that, we will let you see the face shapes that are perfect for these glasses. Moreover, you’ll learn how to be more fashionable with the right pair of cat eyeglasses.

History of cat eyeglasses


Due to their unique shape, cat eye glasses are loved by a vast majority of women around the globe. But do you know where these stylish eyeglasses came from? These glasses were first seen in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” in which the actress Audrey Hepburn used these typical eyeglasses.

After that, these eyeglasses quickly became a fashion accessory for ladies, especially celebrities. These glasses became quite popular in the ’50s and ’60s.

The primary purpose of these glasses was to protect the eyeglasses from the sun’s harmful rays. However, people started to use them as a fashion accessory due to their stylish look. This gave rise to the trend that eyeglasses are not only for protection but also for fashion items.

Bug eyeglasses replaced cat eyeglasses in the ’70s 80’s and ’90s. At that time, many celebrities used cat eyeglasses to enhance their looks. Some famous names wearing cat eyeglasses are Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor, Amy Lame, and Barry Humphries. This is because these regular eyeglasses provide an elegant look alongside protection of the vision.

Significance of Cat Eyeglasses


These glasses are once again gaining popularity among women. For those born in the late 1980s and 1990s, wearing vintage glasses might feel different. But once they’ve tried wearing one, they definitely can’t live without it. Due to the elegance brought by retro glasses, they can still maintain their presence in the eyewear market. These trendy cat-eye glasses will certainly be available in many optical stores.

Glasses help many people see well. Many wear glasses to adjust their vision, while others wear glasses to protect themselves from the sun. If you have vision problems, it is advisable to check whether you need glasses to read.

To make it more elegant, you can use a design similar to cat glasses. Not only will it give you a clear outline, but it will give you a new look. Also, for those who want to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, they can choose cat-eye sunglasses with UV protection.

Where to buy Cat Eyeglasses?


Cat eye glasses are available from many opticians and even antique shops. It just proves that these glasses are popular despite their classic design. In addition to protecting from sunlight, cat glasses can be custom-made and worn like regular prescription glasses.

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Modern cat eyeglasses

Today, these glasses add a bright and feminine touch to most Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga as part of their crazy outfits. These cat glasses are available in different colors. The diversity makes it easy to combine with different outfits. However, these fashionable glasses are not desired with sportswear.

Some glasses do not adapt perfectly to a particular face shape. As for the cat glasses, it is recommended for people with a triangle or heart-shaped face. Since these glasses come in various sizes, they can easily fit any face shape. Anyone could quickly grab cat glasses and get a classy look.

Cat eyeglasses and face shapes

Long faces


People with long faces should choose sunglasses with longer lengths above and below the frame to balance the top of the head and the chin. The edges on both sides can make the person feel like a weight spread across the sight between them. You can visually increase the width of the face in the middle of the face. Suitable sunglasses are butterfly sunglasses, panto sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, round sunglasses, oval sunglasses.

Square faces


A square face is one of the face forms that “looks greater at the bottom than it does at the top,” therefore it has the same effect as a long face, in that the visual proportion at the top needs to be increased. Also, the height of the frame should not be too long. Butterfly sunglasses, round sunglasses, and oval sunglasses are suitable for this face shape.

Inverted triangular surfaces


Although the inverted triangular face belongs to the large head, it is easy to use the hairstyle to give the impression of a small look because of the tip of the chin. There are also many goggles, such as the slim, hanging aviator that rounds the face, but not the inverted triangular face. Suitable sunglasses include aviator sunglasses, butterfly sunglasses, panto sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, round sunglasses, and oval sunglasses.

Diamond faces


Are Cat-Eye Sunglasses Best for Diamond-Shaped Faces? Diamond faces usually have a narrow forehead and chin, while cat-eye sunglasses are more comprehensive to fit perfectly. Women should also know that cat-eye sunglasses can improve your face and make you look younger. These are sunglasses that will make you look younger.

However, it is not suitable for all types of face shapes, and it places high demands on your face shape. It is especially ideal for oval faces. Due to their pull-up nature, cat-eye sunglasses are a natural enemy for revealing facial imperfections such as pear-shaped, square, and elongated faces. But only the perfect oval face is justified.

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