Carson Wentz Hasn’t Played in 1 Game for the Colts but Is Already Proving Some of His Loudest Critics Wrong: ‘He’s Caring’

Just a few weeks back, Carson Wentz was called a bust by many. The Philadelphia Eagles had traded up to the number two pick in the draft and selected another quarterback, a signal that the team wasn’t confident that Wentz could be their franchise player. Then Wentz got hurt, and the Eagles made the playoffs and won the Super Bowl, and some fans are already calling for Philly to bring back Wentz next season. The truth is, Wentz has shown that he is capable of being an elite quarterback, and it’s the Eagles that need to get better if they want to make another Super Bowl run.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz has been sidelined with a knee injury since September 28th, but as if that were not enough, he nearly suffered a second major blow when the Colts released their backup quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, just days ago. While the loss of Brissett is a major blow to the Colts, if anyone had confidence in Wentz, it’s understandable: he’s a former first round pick who turned in a respectable season in 2017.

Former Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz is starting a new career with the Indianapolis Colts, and he’s already proven some of his biggest critics wrong. No, Wentz hasn’t played a single game for the Colts, but he’s showing that he’s not the guy the Eagles were talking about. In Philadelphia, people said Wentz was a terrible leader; in Indy, he proved them wrong.

Carson Wentz questions his Eagles’ leadership

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. Wentz has had some success in his five-year career with the Eagles. He even earned Pro Bowl honors in 2017 with 3,296 yards, 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions in 13 games. But after the Eagles won the Super Bowl that year with Nick Foles, many began to wonder if Wentz was someone the team could rally behind. Then there were the reports that came out in 2019. The real Wentz is more subtle and complex, with sources describing him as selfish, uncompromising, egotistical, someone who makes preferences and doesn’t like to be questioned, someone who has to put into practice what he preaches and takes no responsibility, Joseph Santoliquito told, per Bleacher Report. Numerous other allegations have also surfaced about Wentz. One even said he acted like he had already won 10 Super Bowls, Bleacher Report reported. Wentz’s teammates defended him on Twitter, however. None of that is true. Carson is a great teammate and a great player. We all support him 100 percent, Eagles guard Fletcher Cox said in part of a -tweet . Although several teammates denied the information, questions about Wentz’s leadership skills hung over him like a dark cloud for the rest of his time with the Eagles. But already in Colts, he proves otherwise.

He proves his critics wrong about the Colts

word-image-824 Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz leads a drill during offseason workouts on the 27th. May 2024. | Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images After a disappointing 2024 season in which the Eagles benched Wentz, the former second-round pick has gotten off to a good start with the Colts, and his teammates already seem pleased with his presence. He comes up to me and asks me about my family and my sister and things like that, said Colts defensive end Nyheim Hines, reports ESPN. For a beginner, it’s pretty cool. It shows that He cares about us and is trying to care for us. After training with his teammates in California in March, Wentz said he plans to get some of them together before training camp begins. I’m not 100 percent sure of the details yet, Wentz said, according to ESPN. We will meet, maybe even here in June, maybe even in July. I’ve done it in the past in Philadelphia, and it’s just a good time to not only work physically on the field, but to hang out and talk outside of football and get to know the guys. I enjoy it every summer and look forward to experiencing it once or twice more this summer. Does this sound like someone with leadership issues?

Carson Wentz even fought a Colts teammate in a knockout

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Exciting his teammates is something many quarterbacks do, but Wentz also seems to have shown his Colts teammates that he knows how to have fun. During the OTAs, Wentz took on close wing Mo Ali Cox – a former Division I college basketball player – in a famous backyard basketball game, a knockout, the team said in a tweet. Wentz and Ali Cox went one-on-one with all their teammates watching and it looked like no one was going to lose. All the comrades were shouting and clapping and seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Wentz seemed to be enjoying himself too, which we had not seen from him in Philadelphia. Although Wentz still has some questions to answer about himself, he is slowly but surely proving many of his detractors wrong. Let’s see how this is reflected on the ground. statistics provided by Pro Football Reference COMPARED TO: Peyton Manning almost missed his own selection, thanks to a fake teen ID

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