Full Size Blue Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package 2024

There are many musical instruments to play, but many people would like to play Guitar. You probably already know different models of Guitar. But, if you’re a beginner, then it’s better to buy a guitar which is mainly designed for newbies.

At the same time, while coming to guitar for a novice, there are plenty of models available in the market. And, some company provides guitar with the starter package. So, we have looked many Guitars and give you the best guitar “Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package” for learning to play guitar.

Keep reading to find out why it is best and what its features are.

Table of contents:

  1. Features of Full-Size Blue Electric Guitar
    • Maple neck
    • Humbucker pickup
    • Built-in distortion
    • Accessories include
    • Chrome bridge
  2. Overview
    • Pros
    • Cons
  3. Final conclusion

Features of Full Size Blue Electric Guitar:

Davison is a leading provider of all types of instruments for music and they supply high quality and comfortable instruments for all musicians. And, this company also dedicated to providing instruments for people from all ages.

Now, they introduced a new guitar called “Full Size Blue Electric Guitar with beginner starter package” with updated features. The features of full size blue electric guitar are described below.

Maple neck:


The Full Size Blue Electric Guitar uses maple wood to make the maple neck. So, it provides very smoothness while playing the guitar.

Humbucker pickup:

The Full Size Electric Guitar comes with humbucker pickups which give rocking sound even for low volume. Moreover, it produces clean sound and it also allows you to level the sound.

Built-in distortion:


This Full Size Electric Guitar has built-in distortion with a practice amp. Various levels of Amp values are available with this guitar, so you can change volume easily.

Accessories include:

As like as, all another guitar for a beginner with starter package, the Davison also provides all necessary things that you need to play guitar. It comes with everything that needs to start playing. Hence, no need to buy anything outside.

The package of Full Size Electric Guitar includes the following accessories.

  • Maple neck
  • Gig bag case
  • Diecast tuners
  • Humbucker pickups
  • Practice amp
  • Guitar strap
  • Cable
  • Pitch pipe

Chrome bridge:

The Full Size Blue Electric Guitar has a set of Chrome Bridge which helps you in tuning and playability.



  • It comes with everything you need accessory bundles
  • The sound comes in guitar is rocking
  • It allows you to do tuning and playing ability
  • It is made with humbucker pickups


  • The has only 2 settings
  • The Amp is somewhat terrible

Final conclusion:

This Full Size Blue Electric Guitar is one of the best guitars in the market. And, this guitar would be the best for newbies who really want the most effective guitar. It is the very nice package and includes all necessary accessories.

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