What is an AV Receiver and Why Would You Buy One – 2024 Guide

What is an AV Receiver and Why Would You Buy One

If you have invested in a home entertainment system, you would want to make sure that it is going to perform the best that you can. One very important equipment that you need to purchase before getting it set up would be an AV receiver. Before buying one we recommend reading our reviews of the best AV receivers.

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An audio video receiver is a very crucial hub for any home entertainment and theater system. It connects speakers to the various components. It is responsible for handling a variety of tasks such as tuning the radio stations, powering the speakers, switching between the video and the audio components, as well as decoding the signals to ensure that there is surround source.

Still, not every single one that is out there is created equal. If you are interested in buying one for your home theater, make sure that you know what to look for.

Check the power of the amplifier

You will find that manufacturers of this equipment do value the amplifier power. You will find that as the receivers' price increase, the power of its amplifier increases as well. This makes sense though as amplifiers are most useful in increasing the sound of the receiver's audio output. Of course, it's not always all the time that this is the case. But if you see that the amp power is higher, and it is charged at a higher price than whatever it is you are thinking of getting, it is always best to test out both to see if there is indeed a glaring difference.

Consider the weight

There is this idea that the heavier the receiver, the better. While there is a good reason behind this, it is not always so. It is true in most cases though that the heavier the unit, the more power it usually has. This is because heavier units tend to have a larger power supply. This means that it will also have more power reserves.

But you should be aware though that manufacturers are aware of this concept and are also trying to capitalize as much in getting their units to be heavier so people will be fine paying a heftier price for them. Always take the time to check the features instead of basing everything on weight alone, so you are sure that you are getting a very good value for your money.

Check the features

Find out what the model that you are interested in has to offer as far as must-have features go. You will find that there are usually different updates and upgrades to these features regularly. So, you would not want to miss out on some very good ones. Do take note of the fact that the more features a unit have, the pricier it tends to get. See to it that the features you are getting are practical ones to avoid getting a unit which price is way too bloated.

Do shop around. Get to know three or more possible choices and find out more metals about them. This should make it a lot easier for you to find one that is not just right for your needs, but right for the amount that you will send to buy it too.

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