5 Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

For most of us, during the summer mostly, sunglasses are the most important part of our apparel. What do you think you would look like if your glasses popped out more than any accessory you got?

Since most people make mistakes when choosing their glasses we have compiled this article as tips on how to choose the perfect sunglasses according to the shape of your face. Thanks to this article was easy to make, so if you want to go and check them out.

Face shapes are important for many accessories but somehow they are imperial when you are choosing the right glasses or sunglasses in this case. Sunglasses are considered an equal part of fashion and function which is why they are important to so many of us.

You will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of scorching sun during the summer heat, while at the same time you prevent lines and wrinkles around your eyes from squinting too much.

Besides making you save your beauty and show your age as it is, they also make you look super cool but only if you are wearing a pair that complements the lines of your face. Sit back enjoy this article and learn how to pick the perfect pair that will go with your face lines!

1. Determine your face shape


If you think about it all of us are different, and all of our shapes are different from head to toe. Does this mean that there are numerous face shapes out there?! Well, technically no. all of those can be put into four different categories, or shapes – oval, rounded, square, triangular/hearth.

From here there are small variations that are not to be considered because not every face shape can fit into this perfectly. Some have bigger cheeks, some bigger chins or cheekbones, and those should be considered just lightly. What you are looking for is the striking contours of your face, everything else is there to confuse you.

2. How to pick the perfect sunglasses


Well, here you have to find that fine line between contrast and balance. This means that your sunglass shape needs to contrast your face shape and balance other features in one. For some, this is difficult to do but thanks to us and this article today you will find it very easy and you will not make another mistake with your sunglasses.

3. Sunglass shape


Just like with our face, there are numerous sunglass shapes with slight variations, but these are the foundation for all of those – round and square. Every other shape of sunglasses is a combo of round and square ones and there are so many of them which are why we are helping you pick for yourself.

The triangular shape is probably the only one here that is a category for itself but a small fraction of people can pull them out anyway which is why you need to be careful with these.

4. The choice


If you have a round face and you think that the round glasses are for you you couldn’t be more wrong. People with round faces need some contrast and that contrast comes in a form of squared glasses that are structured and rigid and that can give you a bit of edge if you like. So all round face shapes are better of with squares, rectangles and any other shape that has strong lines.

Those who have a prominent and sharp face with a bit of structured, strong jaw should opt for a glass shape that is a little bit more flowing and a little bit soft. Strong lines on strong lines don’t mix well because there will be too much of that. The best way is to opt for circular shapes or sunglass shapes that are rounded and softer.

If your face classifies as oval then your best bet is to stay away from oval or circular sunglass shapes. Like in the first one, you also need something with a bit more structure and angles, sunglasses that have strong lines and sharp corners.

The triangle/hearth category is a somewhat lucky one because people with this shape can kind of get away with any type of sunglasses. Just stay away from triangle shaped glasses and you are all OK.

5. Size matters


Now besides the shape of the face and the shape of the sunglasses, you have to consider one more thing that is as important as the previous stuff. The size of the sunglasses will greatly impact the look and feel of you and no matter if you hit every shape correctly if they are small or oversized you will look funny.

Everyone knows that besides shapes we also have a lot of sizes when it comes to the glasses and you have to nail the size of the glasses to the size of your face ratio. The perfect size glasses would be those that are the size of your cheekbones. Every other will look either smaller or bigger than needed and it will ruin aesthetics all around.

After everything we have said we believe that you will find it a lot easier now to shop for your sunglasses.

There should be no more excuses and mistakes that your summer looks should endure.

All the things that we described here are your guidebook to the perfect sunglass look. With that being said this is not a must and nothing in here should force you to do or buy something you are not comfortable with.

It is simply a suggestion that is supposed to make you look in trend and cool in those summer days.

If you don’t like any of our suggestions, by all means, do not use them but keep in mind that you probably made mistakes with glasses so far and that you will make one again.

We also suggest that, with this knowledge, go sunglasses shopping and see how you wear other shapes that you were afraid to try on. Try and compare your looks and see what comes on top by your standards. It will probably be the best combo – our knowledge to you with your personal preference.

Best of luck and we hope you look awesome every summer day.

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