Top 11 Best Shooters In 2024

Gaming is more developed than it has ever been, with a tremendous choice of titles to suit all preferences. We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 shooters expected to be popular in 2024.

1. Destiny 2


From the creators of Halo, it’s a multiplayer action game set in a fantasy universe with a rich world, intriguing, well-directed plot, and sophisticated gameplay. Destiny 2’s base edition is free and may be played for many hours in co-op missions and PvP battles.

If you wish to continue the adventure, there are numerous paid DLC packs available, each of which adds new story objectives, weaponry, and equipment to the game. The missions are fairly challenging. Many gamers, for example, use specific boosting sites to order destiny trials carry when they are unable to complete the tasks themselves.

2. Far Cry 6

Players will go to a Caribbean island in Far Cry 6 to explore. This is the largest Far Cry map yet. Players join the resistance to remove President Antonio Costillo and restore peace to the state of Yara after a fascist tyrant seizes control on the island. The fifth installment left fans cold, thus the development company tried hard to win back the fans’ affection in the 6th part.

3. Fortnite


This is a game in which you play from a 3rd person. Its peculiarity is that it is full of action. Fortnite is famous for its cartoon graphics.

Survival is the main task and it’s not easy to complete it, because there are many players at the same time fighting for rewards. The end purpose is to be the remaining player (or team) to survive among hundreds of opponents. The peculiarity of the game is that the user can build buildings, shelters, and barricades.

4. Overwatch 2

Overwatch is one of the best games. It is based on the famous shooter Team Fortress 2 and also causes dependency. This engaging game will occupy all of your free time. Overwatch is an illustration of Blizzard’s incredible effort, with a distinct cast of characters and classes. It’s also one of the most impressive competitive shooters we’ve seen in a long time..

5. Warface


Without a question, one of the greatest free shooters available. Warface has proven to be a great free alternative to Call of Duty, which it’s usually compared to because of its dynamism and gameplay mechanics. The game’s optimization is correct, so players could launch it even on the most basic office PCs. Its gameplay is as well as in many premium games. Free-to-play mode does not require a donation, although it will be more difficult to play at higher levels without money.

6. Playersunknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG for short. This is a multiplayer shooter stylized as a battle royale. Just like in Fortnite, you are thrown onto an island and pitted against other players in a death match. The last player (or team) standing is the winner. The game hosts eSports competitions that look very spectacular. It is also played on mobile and has high rates.

7. Battlefield


The release of Battlefield 1 took place at the end of 2016 and became a huge success. Even after two years, this game remains one of the most successful. Because this first-person shooter is based on the First World War, you will see weaponry, planes, and tanks from the early twentieth century. Battlefield features two modes: single player and multiplayer, so you can play it even if you don’t have access to the internet.

8. Apex Legends

Another mega-popular shooter in the battle royal genre. Players are called Legends there. There is a set of unique characters with different abilities. Some other features, such as playing in squads and resurrecting teammates, give players more room to invent effective combat tactics. Like many free-to-play shooters, Apex Legends follows the concept of seasons: players complete tasks and receive a variety of cosmetic rewards.

9. Valorant


Competitive online shooter from Riot Games. Valorant combines the best mechanics of Counter-Strike and Overwatch, plus adds a bit of its own. It becomes more and more popular because of its interesting heroes and detailed graphics.

Valorant has several modes, maps and characters available. The game is regularly updated with content, and gamers can build on their progress with Seasonal Battle Passes that contain weapon skins, cards and other rewards. In addition, the shooter is developing as an esports discipline and many players leave other famous shooters to play it.

10. Call of Duty: Warzone

One of the most popular multiplayer shooters. Unlike the main installments of the Call of Duty series, Warzone is available for free. Players can go to a large-scale battlefield that can accommodate up to 150 participants and try their luck in the royal battle, lasting until the last survivor.

And here you can use both a variety of weapons and vehicles, as well as the appearances of operatives from key parts of the franchise. And the main motivation for victory will be the battle pass, during which you can unlock many rewards, including weapons, equipment, camouflages, tokens, and much more.

11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


CS:GO is the largest first-person esports shooter in the history of the gaming industry. That’s why we put it in the first place. This complex shooter requires a huge skill. It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing game out there, but if you want to put your responses to the test and strive to climb the ranks, CS:GO is the game for you. This game was nominated many times by BAFTA Awards and The Game Awards.

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