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Top 4 Websites To Buy YouTube Views And Likes For YouTube Channel Promotion

Have you ever considered YouTube to be a platform where you can actually earn money and become more popular with the product that you’re selling?

A lot of people started profiting from YouTube a long time ago, while others only viewed this platform as entertainment. Users who have accounts on YouTube and who want to earn money from it face different obstacles: which equipment to use, how to record a video professionally, and most importantly how to make your content visible and noticeable.

In this article, we’d like to elaborate on the four most prominent websites where you can buy YouTube views and likes from and why we actually advise you to do that.

1. Views.Biz


Firstly, we’d like to discuss the principles of how Views.Biz is working. View.Biz is the platform with the help of which you can buy Youtube views from.

Views is the best tool to attract new people to watch your content and to make your account visible on the platform. Is buying views that effective? Indeed, buying views can save your time and you can actually think about your brand image rather than thinking about what new hashtag you need to come up. We’ve done research on their web and we can assure you that the views that they provide in their services are 100% organic and no bots are involved.

What services do they have? When entering on their official website one may observe that there are four options to buy Youtube views. The number of views varies from 100 up to 10000 and the price range is from $2.59 up to $3.70 per 1000 views depending on the details of the offer. All offers provide different outcomes as they have distinct features so if you don’t know what is better to choose you can read all the information in the “Details” section next to each option.

Views.Biz is one of the most trustworthy panels to buy YouTube views from. Most importantly, the prices that they have are very convenient, and even can be considered as low. Very often they provide their customers with different discounts so don’t forget to check out their web for updates and discount prices for the services.

2. SMO.Plus


Second SMM panel that we’d like to elaborate on would be SMO.Plus. This website offers its regular customers and new clients to buy YouTube likes and go on the top of the recommendation sections on the platform.

If you decide to buy cheap and real likes from a SMM platform consider doing so using SMO. Plus as they have the best prices compared to other websites. Is it necessary to buy YouTube likes? This offer is convenient for those who have a lot of views  but not that much activity going on in the like section.

Likes is the best tool to engage people to watch your content on Youtube. According to the statistics it is more likely that people would click on the video that has more likes, also, pay attention to the dislikes section. If the number of dislikes is bigger than the number, users will consider your content as a waste of their time and not worth watching.

All in all, SMO.Plus offers two options to buy YouTube likes and has a range of 30000 to 100000. This platform is very customer oriented and very often they have discounts, moreover, they have a guarantee for 30 days .

If you still doubt whether you should opt for one of their services, think about your future account visibility and it becoming more reputable. Once on their web, pay attention to the details of each option on SMO.Plus: number of likes, price, speed and start time.

3. Tube.Biz


The next panel that we’d like to cover is Tube.Biz. This SMM panel offers a lot of services for YouTube channel promotion, but the best one is to buy YouTube subscribers.

Is buying YouTube subscribers effective and actually helps your channel to be more visible? Buying YouTube subscribers is convenient for those who’ve got a big number of likes and views but a little number of subscribers.

We advise you to opt for the service. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the number of your followers. Very often when the number of followers is lower than the number of likes and views it can create mistrust from the user’s side, they’d think that the number of likes and views was not natural, and they’ll lose interest.

Let’s discuss the offer that Tube.Biz has on the website. After outing the necessary data in the filter section you’ll notice that only one option appears. With this service, you get a chance to obtain 2000 subscribers as the maximum for $50 per 1000 followers and the start time is within 24 hours.

When you choose to buy YouTube subscribers from Tube.Bizit, more people will get to know your product that you’d like to promote and your business. If you decide to buy subscribers from Tube.Biz you get a business opportunity to enhance your channel’s traffic dynamics, make your account reputable and visible that leads to the account recognition by the YouTube algorithm. Don’t forget that more followers attract a bigger number of subscribers.



The third SMM-panel included in our list is Viewsta. Viewsta allows their customers to buy YouTube comments at the best prices.

Comments are a very important tool to obtain better channel dynamics on your channel. When people interact in the comments section after the video that shows that the content they’ve watched is interesting and may be discussed even when the video has ended. That sparks interest in the new user who came across your videos.

You can promote your account by yourself creating specific and narrow hashtags, liking and commenting on the videos that put out the same content, looking for the new audience and keeping them updated to gain the number of comments that you can actually buy and save time.

Buying comments is the key tool to promote your channel and make it more noticeable but don’t forget about the quality of your content and the idea that you’d like to share with your viewers and potential clients.

What is offered by viewsta concerning the purchase of the comments? This panel offers 3 main options: getting the comments of 100, 1000, 10000 comments and the price range for the service is from $40 up to $130 per 1000 comments. Importantly, mind the guarantee for some of the services which is of 30 days. For those who are new to the process this is the best opportunity to try it or you can read the details about each service and choose the most preferable one.

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