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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube View Bots

YouTube is the most used social media nowadays. When it comes to being multi-purpose, there’s no other option with such a variety of reasons to be used for. Individual entertainment, studying, gathering information, establishing business popularity, you name it.

YouTube has it all, and more than any other site. That directly converts into its popularity. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, right after Google.

The main question here is how to make use of its popularity and turn it to your advantage? After all, the platform’s popularity doesn’t guarantee that you will only gain your share of visibility by placing your content there.

View botting is a solution that plenty of YouTube channels, especially the successful ones, use to gain early visibility among the site’s users and achieve genuine attention that could not be gained otherwise so fast. Let’s have a thorough look on what it is and how it can be used for your benefit.

What YouTube view bot is?


A bot is simply automation software. It is used to complete multiple yet simple tasks in a fast and efficient manner, saving your time and effort. That allows you to turn your focus to other things of more strategic importance.

A view bot is a type of such software that is used in video streaming and sharing platforms, like YouTube. Its main goal is to make you more visible on the site by running up certain metrics.

This objective is attained by artificially boosting the number of views on your videos along with the number of your subscribers, comments, and likes. When you buy such a service, all your numbers start increasing, although there might be no real viewers.

Why would you need it?


It’s the original users that you are after, not the fake numbers. The latter wouldn’t help you get any money or widespread visibility. So, the question is how can fake popularity help a transition to a real one?

Well, view bots are not meant to feed personal illusions about attention. Their core idea is to attract genuine users to your channel.

When you start a new channel, it’s very hard to get new viewers and subscribers. If you have a huge base of people on other channels or platforms where you can share your content, you can attract more of them.

But that would be the same audience that is already following you elsewhere. The most important job you have to do is to attract new subscribers and viewers. Otherwise, your growth would stagnate.

Creating good videos that are interesting for others is the first obvious step. While it takes a lot of time, it’s not enough, unfortunately. You can work on the quality of your video, you can pump its description full of essential keywords, you can put a catchy title, and yet it may not grant you anything of value.

Your videos will not appear on the top in searches, they will not be displayed in other users’ recommendations or among trending videos on the home page.

Publicity is like a virus. You need to have it to spread it even more. The more you have, the easier it is to continue spreading it. But if you have none, you can’t multiply it, for zero will generate only zero.

View bots provide exactly that. They create a substantial number of fake views, comments, likes, and whatnot for your content that is sufficient to attract other users to watch what you are creating. In other words, a view bot helps you build a groundwork of your popularity that will keep the real users piling upon this foundation that you already have.

Missing constituent of using bots


Fake attention is not something that people want their focus to be lured by to your channel. YouTube will make sure that you will get penalized for using such bots. They are not so hard to identify because they have the same IP address that you have.

You need intermediary servers called proxies to use multiple IP addresses instead of your original IP. That will help your bots by making them seem like separate users with different IP addresses. They will look like they come from distinct places, and your views will be scattered around these different IP addresses that will benefit your channel even more.

If YouTube can’t identify your bot’s origin, they don’t seem so suspicious and are harder to find. Therefore, you will not end up receiving any punishment, like removing your content or blocking your account.

The best view bots


If you are looking for the best view bots for YouTube, you will often see these bots mentioned:

  • Media Mister
  • FollowersUp
  • UseViral
  • Jarvee
  • Socinator

They are among the best and can all be equally used for the same goal. When you have increased your numbers of views and everything else by thousands, your videos will appear in recommendations more frequently and will start gaining genuine attention.

After all, even if someone finds your video in their search results or somewhere else, the poor number of views will indicate that it’s just another spammy video that has nothing to offer for the viewer. Even if it’s not the case, videos stigmatized with low viewing numbers will be seen like this.

Whichever bot you decide to use based on different prices or their additional features, they all will provide you with either fake views, subscriptions, likes, comments, or a certain combination of them.

If you want a more detailed review of the best YouTube view bots, click to visit the site with an in-depth presentation of the leading options on the market.


YouTube view bots will help you escape the vicious circle where you need attention to get attention, but you don’t have it in the first place. That’s a harsh start. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Bots will grant you a good start. Just don’t forget to add proxies to your YouTube view bots for them to look like more genuine users.

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