6 Uncommon Gambling Truths About Spins and Related Games

Many people write about gambling, but there are some uncommon truths that every bettor needs to know.

Either you are gambling for money or entertainment, some hidden truths will affect how you respond to the betting game—for example, this presents reliable and legit sports predictions.

These truths are essential and influence gamblers’ winning chances. These facts will help you get into the game properly and increase the chances of earning yourself some money.

1. Not Every Roulette Games Are The Same


Roulette games are spinning games that use a metal wheel. The primary and most common method involves predicting the number in which the spins land. However, casinos are incorporating new systems into the game daily. You may want to confirm the game requirements of a particular casino before signing up for it.

You can either bet a single number, double, or triple figures at the same time. American casinos have introduced the 0 and 00 numbers to beat its standard against 1 to 36 figures. With the new statistics, most houses will have a mathematical edge over the player.

2. Not All Bets On The Craps Have House Edge

Unlabeled crap bets are the ones without the house edge, referred to as free odds or odds bet. Craps mean that the house lays a point spread while you place a bet on it. However, bettors often lose at this end, but the payout is usually massive.

Here is how to calculate a casino edge

If 18 out of the 38 numbers (including 0 and 00) are black, 18 are red, and 2 of the numbers are green, and you assume the spin will stop at a black number, here is your probability.

You have eighteen chances of winning black and 20 events of losing with 18 red and two green. Now, if you bet $100 per spin, it shows you will win $1800 and a net loss of $200. Edge describes the possible amount to lose per spin, which is expressed in percentage. Divide the net loss ($200) by the numbers on the reel (38 spins) to give $5.26. This shows that the house edge is 5.26% for wagering $100 per spin.

Hence, the house edge varies with the numbers present in a spin. For example, if the double and single zero are not included, the house edge may reduce from 5.26% to 2.70%. In games like blackjack, with more winning probability, the house edge is always around 1.41%.

3. Video Poker is a Better Option Than Slot


Video poker and slots may appear similar with the same symbols and paying technique, but they differ significantly. Video poker is more straightforward to win than slot because the machine shows the probability of a sign showing a particular number of times. Although the slot machine will tell you the payout from a specific combination, it does not state the number of times a shape like a cherry is likely to appear.

For instance, a poker machine with 52 playing cards will have the probability of heart as 13/52 and Ace as 4/52.

4. Most Casino Gamers Yield to Independent Trials

Some gamblers do not bet until they observe a particular color roll for some periods. For example, Jones watches black roll out four consecutive times; then he realizes it is high time for black to stepped out. Then, he places a bet on the black color.

However, the limitation to this game is that you are betting on the next color to pop up and not the number of times it occurs. Since red has rolled out four times, there are still chances that it will roll out for the remaining 14 times. What this implies is that each spin is an independent trial. It does not depend on the number of times a particular color has rolled out.

The roulette machine stores no memory, and you can be sure casinos are the ones making these changes. A similar game that changes deck composition is blackjack.

5. Changing Betting Size While The Game is On Makes Little or No Difference


Surprisingly, many bettors end up losing despite changing a bet size. Betting systems like the Martingale system have been deceitful to gamblers as they keep doubling their bet until they win. Even when you win, it makes no difference. It is just logical. Here is an example.

You bet $10 on a roulette wheel and lose, then you double your bet on the next spin and stakes $20. That means you have staked a total of $30 if you lose again. You try it the third time, betting $30, and you eventually win. Your payout covers the amount you have lost. This is most especially good for people that love betting for entertainment. Just bear in mind that changing your bet makes little or no difference.

6. It is Almost Impossible to Overcome a House Edge

Sometimes, bettors change bets to overcome a house edge, which is almost impossible. Most house edge bets are like negative numbers that work against anyone trying to manipulate it. Applying a betting system is fun, but it may end up crumbling the bettor. A percentage must go to the house based on your payout. However, it is much easier with online casinos because they are more honest than physical casinos. Online casinos understand it is more profitable, to be frank, than cheating because it will affect their operations in the long run.

Most gambling sites offer welcome, referral, and loyalty gifts for customers that keep patronizing. This strategy has helped some gambling sites stay ahead of others.



Bettors need to realize that casinos are less concerned about you winning their money. It is one of their strategies for staying in business. Although they run the games, it will be unprofitable if gamblers lose every time. Even when you win, casinos have an edge that includes the percentage that goes to them. Hence, the truths above should help when visiting a casino next time.

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