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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of June 6, 2024 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

The fox and the tarot show us a world of hidden treasures and hidden truths. I like to think of them as the lenses through which we see the world. This week, the fox’s lens shows us hidden treasures and hidden truths in our personal lives. The card’s title speaks to this quite clearly: the card’s subject, the solitary fox, is actually a representation of someone who is waiting to be discovered.

This week’s tarot spread is titled “The Fox and the Tarot.” This spread is often used with an oracle deck to reveal future events that you or someone you love may encounter. This is an especially appropriate spread to use when you don’t know whether you should trust the information being revealed.

Marcus Chin

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Happy Pride Month!  This week’s artist is Marcos Chin @marcoschinart.   Chin’s illustrations are very vivid!  Lively is defined as full of energy and enthusiasm, vibrant, pulsating, lively and striking.  It draws the observer into the environment and increases the volume by one or two levels.  The spectator wants to jump in and join the color parade.  As an art form, illustration is often placed outside of high art. This criticism ignores the technical skills and imagination of the artist and turns a blind eye to the cultural significance of his form.  This is why illustrations are used in politics and advertising to visually inform and create solidarity.

Illustration, like street art, is the art of the people.  There is no one who has not enjoyed the illustrations on albums, storybooks, t-shirts or posters.  Illustration is the pied piper of art and art appreciation.  This form gives life to our lives and stimulates our imagination.  Illustrators need as much light and fanfare as gallery artists. Of course, I read the tarot and relied on the illustrations.

For tarot readers, the illustration is the gateway to the soul’s journey.  I think that’s why we’re collecting decks.  Each game is a different interpretation of the path of the soul.  Each game increases our knowledge and therefore our skills as readers.  And yes, Chin has some tarot card illustrations (see the last three photos), but no deck of cards.  Needless to say, tarot lovers are eager to follow this man for more. Planetary highlights: On the 10th. In June we have a new moon in Gemini with a solar eclipse.  And Mercury is still absent until the 23rd. June retrograde in Gemini.  So take the time and space to disconnect and do the 3Vs: Review, reflect and revise.

Pay attention to triggers this week, as the timing of the eclipse gives us clues about where to heal and fix what isn’t working.  Mars enters the sign of Leo on the 11th.  While still in Cancer, you should communicate with your feelings so that when the fiery planet moves into Leo, you can work on your sovereignty and resilience without getting hurt. With Mercury still retrograde, arguments can arise, so beware your ego.

In addition, Jupiter (expansion) is in the sky until the 28th. July in Pisces, which tells you what your 2024 will look like and where your growth will come from. P.S. The characters with * are a big week for you.  Gemini is the perfect time to get an astrological tarot reading for the coming year.  And Sagittarius is halfway through your birth year, so if you need a planetary reading to check it out, now is the time. May the light be upon you, around you and within you, Nina

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Marcos Chin Ace of Cups – You are surrounded by the energy of love this week. Your cup runneth over.  Use this energy to refresh yourself and those you love.  This is a new beginning; how will you use and spread the power of love?


Marcus Chin Three of Swords – For the past two weeks you have been working with the energies of creation and supporting partnership.  However, you are in a Mercury retrograde and eclipse this week, so you may be involved in the creation process (remember, this energy will be in effect for the next 9 months).  This week’s energies are focused on healing deep wounds related to self-esteem, grief and sadness.  This is the perfect time to step back and do the 3 P’s to deal with the feelings of your dark side.


Marcos Chin The Eight of Swords – The Muse of Boundaries has come to break through the boundaries others set and create healthier boundaries that do not limit you.  This is a great exercise for the energy of Mercury and the solar eclipse this week.  Use this time to see what thought patterns are holding you back and let them go.

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Marcos Chin *Death – The muse of letting go has come to clear out your literal and/or figurative closets so you can move on to the next phase of your new birth year.  By letting go of the rot, you create fertile ground for a new garden full of delights.  Go through the closets, junk drawers, emotions, thoughts and structures that are no longer used or not working properly.  The coming birth year prepares you for renewal, so clear your space.


Marcos Chin * Empress – Last week the muse of justice and truth came to help you set boundaries and goals, with the help of Mr. B. Flip if necessary.  With new boundaries, new goals, and help, if you’re stuck, you can start creating now.  The creative muse is here, and she’s asking for a 9-month comment to grow something in your life.  Fortunately, this also gives you some time (until the end of this retrograde period) to play around and nurture some ideas before committing.  So grab your pencils, your vision boards and have some fun.


Marcos Chin The six swords here is the muse of little excursions that help you find the beauty of the intimate world around you.  She asks you to walk around your neighborhood, explore intimate places, read a short story or poem to dive into a vignette of emotion.  Their lessons are small and simple, but they have as much depth as the big lessons.


Marcos Chin *The world is the muse of success that strikes.  Success is defined as the achievement of a goal or objective. What have you accomplished since June 2024?  Use this week to tie up loose ends and celebrate your victories.  Analyze what you have created as a legacy.  What will reverberate through you into the world?  Finally, the coming months will give you new opportunities to build on what you’ve already started or to start a new adventure with a clean slate.

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Marcos Chin Two of Cups – Relationships are the theme this week.  This energy speaks of equality in relationships.  Do the people around you fill your bowls and do the same?  If the people around you aren’t supporting you, it’s time to cut ties and focus your energy on those who are.

Magnetic switch

Marcos Chin Seven of Wands – The Muse of Perseverance is here to help you continue your fight or position.  You’re on the right track, even if you feel like you’re riding alone against the wind.  Yes, something is wrong, but that just means more work on this project or where you are.  Keep up the good work.


Marcos Chin * The muse of fate came to shake things up last week, when inertia settled somewhere in your life.  The Muse of Balance has come to restore your world to a form of new normal. The problem with this muse’s wisdom is that balance is not the same as equality.  The goddess Maat knew that good and evil depended on the circumstances.  For example, a soldier and a husband who kills his wife will have different attitudes toward murder.  So be careful how you judge situations, people and yourself.

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Marcos Chin *The High Priestess is the Muse of intuition, she is there to give information, but she makes you work for it.  Pay attention to the patterns and synchronicities this week, as they will lead you to the pearls of understanding you will need in the weeks ahead.  She is also the muse of your many destinations on Earth.  So don’t be surprised if this egg hunt leaves you feeling doubtful or uncertain.  It reminds you that the road doesn’t have to be difficult to be interesting, but it does require your full attention.


Marcos Chin *The muse of structure came last week to help you stabilize your life and work.  They needed a clean, organized sheet when the evolutionary muse arrived this week.  It is always recommended that you incorporate Feng Shu into your space and your life, but in such a way that it is a place where you can transform yourself into the next phase of your life.  To be healthy, you need a space where you are valued.  Take time this week to ensure that your spaces and plans are conducive to growth and development.

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