Best Way to Spend Your Next Weekend in Melbourne – 2024 Guide

Melbourne is one of the greatest cities of Australia and a cultural hub. Everyone has termed Melbourne as the best city to live in Australia, as it has everything. Here, you can expose yourself to a bit of culture, enjoy the most amazing coffee, see the best of fashion among other things.

It is truly a paradise, and there are tons of things for everyone to do here. If you are planning a weekend trip to Melbourne. Or you are studying in this great city and want to have fun on the weekend. We got you covered!

Below are a few things that you can do in Melbourne for a great weekend.

Friday night: Start it with a bang

The weekend starts with Friday. Assuming that you are in the city by Friday evening, here are a few exciting things for you to try this evening.

1. Grab a bite

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If you land in Melbourne late at night, the first thing you should do is grab a bite. There are fancy restaurants here which will amaze you with their cuisines.

Heston: this Southbank restaurant is famous for its dishes inspired from medieval Britain. Every dish here is delicious. Even the dessert here is fancy.

Waterfront Southgate: one of the best seafood restaurants in the cities, is this one. The view of the Yarra river, along with lip-smacking Friday night, doesn’t get better than this.

Lucy liu: Want to try Asian delicacies with an Australian twist? Then, try this restaurant. The ambiance here is bustling with neon energy. Start the meal with a cocktail and then move on to the incredible dishes, like Vietnamese-style soft shell crab amongst more.

2. Enjoy pubs & disc

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If you are alone in the city for the weekend, try to relax and have as much fun as you can. That means, getting wild, going to pubs, and partying hard. A few of the best pubs & discos here are:

Revolver Upstairs, Angel music bar, Sub club, color, and more.

3. Indulge in a sexual fantasy

Have a sexual fantasy that you always wanted to indulge in but didn’t get a chance? Well, now that you are in Melbourne and are single, why not indulge in it? Hire an escort and you can live any fantasy that you have in mind. Or if you want a company to party through all the bars, then too! Like this option, then click here for more details.

4. Stay and rest

Now that you have tons of fun on Friday, take a rest to enjoy the next two days in full swag.

  • Langham: For a luxurious stay, Langham is the best. Here you can enjoy the skyline from your terrace.
  • Rendezvous hotel: near the Yarra river, this hotel is incredible. The best perk of staying here? A morning walk near the coastline.
  • United places: Want to live in a place that gives a home-like feeling to you? Then, choose united places. It is opposite the Royal botanic garden in South Yarra. The subtle interior here will make you feel energetic and happy.

Saturday- the fun begins

1. Coffee please

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Start Saturday morning with a coffee and a croissant. There are incredible little cafes here which will make you fall in love. Every coffee shop here has a history that you cannot deny. Try either Kinfolk, Seven Seed, or Wide Open Road. The last one is famous for its teas & meals too.

Also, check out Lune Croissanterie for its incredible croissant and other breakfast menu.

2. Explore the Victoria police museum

Next, explore the city by heading towards the Melbourne star observation wheel. From there, you can head towards the Victoria police museum if you love learning about crimes & all. It is an astonishing place, which holds relics from over 150 years of crime. The investigations conducted by Police in the state of Victoria are here. The forensic evidence from famous cases like Hoddle street massacre are all here.

3. Go golfing

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Want to enjoy some greenery while playing golf? Then check out Yarra bend golf, where you can play mini-golf. If you want to explore a few gardens, Melbourne CBD areas have tons of them and it will mesmerize you.

4. Eating, more eating, and finding new things

Go to Footscray, which is a short-tram ride from the CBD. Here, you can gouge on Vietnamese or African dishes. From a delicious bowl of a masala dosa, there is nothing that you cannot enjoy here.

Then go to Yarraville to enjoy the best of cinema in the Sun theatre. Also, when you are here, you can check out McNish dinosaur reserve park or Yarraville gardens.

In the south of the CBD there is a chapel street. Here you can find tons of eateries and it is also great for retail therapy. It is a busy street where you can find tons of coffee shops or art galleries and vintage stores.


1. Go on a walk around CBD

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Start Sunday with a walk around the CBD and you will see tons of new things and also get in some exercise.

Or go on a walk at tan track.

The tan track is a path around Royal Botanic Gardens. It is a perfect place to get some exercise. Also, you get to enjoy a serene view, and if you are lucky, you may even meet a few sports stars.

2. Kulin Nation tour

Discover more about Melbourne by joining a tour of the Kulin nation. It is a walking tour that takes you down the history of 14 aboriginal sites. Here you can see historical meeting grounds or scarred trees reminiscent of the past. From here, you can go to Melbourne Museum for more cultural insights.

3. Visit the art center Melbourne

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The art center Melbourne is a great stop to enjoy music and theater. It is the perfect way to end the trip and go back home full of energy.

Have a great weekend in one of the best cities ever!

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