Commercial vs. Residential Moves – The Differences

Most people are not aware that there is commercial and residential moving. These are two types of moving that are very different. One is more complicated than the other. Happily, most professional moving companies such as NYC movers can handle both commercial and residential moving.

So, let’s look at the difference between a commercial and residential move.

What is a residential move?


Residential moving is when relocating out of a house or an apartment. You pack your belongings and then hire movers to transfer them to the new home.

A residential move can be accomplished by a few moving crews and one truck. After securing your new home, moving your items, and unloading them, the next major thing is to unpack the boxes.

The main challenge of residential moving is moving the oversized and fragile items. Moving items such as glass pieces, pianos, antique furniture and other valuables can be challenging due to their weight and sensitivity.

But when you hire a moving company, you can be assured that all your items, including the fragile ones, will reach your new home without damages.

What is a commercial move?


A commercial move applies the same values as a residential move but on a bigger scale. It involves moving a small business to big factories. Hence, the procedure of commercial moving is a bit complicated.

The entire process should be quick to minimize the losses for the company. Moreover, there are concerns about the movements of large machines. Hence, movers who are experienced in handling such equipment are preferred.

Fortunately, most office movers coordinate with the company management to ensure the process goes on smoothly. With the right movers, commercial moving can be handled effectively.

More workers are needed in a commercial move. This is because there are many items and large equipment to be moved. In addition, it is essential that all office furniture, computers, lighting, and other items be in place when the workers move in. It will also ensure the business is up and running as soon as possible.

Differences between commercial moving and residential moving

1. Planning


Commercial moving requires a lot of planning. When moving a business or a factory, it is important to plan ahead. First, the company needs to notify all the employees about the move.

In addition, company owners need to choose a time and a day with minimal impact on everyday operations. Also, based on the nature and size of the company, special equipment and more moving crews are required.

Keep in mind large fittings and machinery need skills and experience when moving them. Happily, commercial movers can handle such things.

In most cases, commercial moves are scheduled during weekends to avoid major interference on business days. You can also plan the move on holidays or when the business is not busy.

Although you need to plan ahead for a residential move, not much is needed. The major process is packing your belongings, such as clothes, books, utensils, and large pieces of furniture.

2. Moving delicate materials


During a residential move, the sensitive items are very few. It is possible to carry them in your private car. They include passports, tax documents, laptops, birth records, and others.

But when relocating a business, there are many sensitive materials to consider. Some of these items include the company’s financial records, employees’ paperwork, and many others.

In addition, the business has laptops, computers, and servers, among other things, that contain sensitive information about the company. Thus, many planning, care, and confidentiality are needed during a commercial move.

Due to the sensitivity of the company’s data and equipment being moved, professional moving companies need to have a vetting process for their crews. They need to do a background check and ensure only trusted employees are involved in such a move.

3. Electronic equipment being moved

When moving residential items, there are very few electronics to be moved. They include microwaves, televisions, and maybe one or two personal computers. Thus, very few people can handle the process.

However, a commercial move has a variety of electronics to be moved. Company electronics include printers, photocopiers, desktop computers, servers, vending machines, refrigerators, coffee machines, laptops, and many others.

Therefore, planning, preparation, and skills are needed to move such items. Moreover, an office moving company needs to inventory all the electronics before moving them.

4. There is a lot of heavy lifting


For many commercial moves, a lot of heavy lifting is done. Apart from lifting the photocopiers and vending machines, it would help if you lifted chairs, desks, and many other large equipment pieces to lift.

Happily, some movers have special equipment and strategies to move large things from the old office to the new one. They are experienced, well-prepared, and insured to relocate the equipment safely.


Commercial moving and residential moving are two different types of moving. Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing a professional moving company.

Make sure you select a moving company with skills in office moving, handling large items, and moving sensitive materials. They should help you plan, pack, and move your office or factory on time.

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