How To Recognize a Slot Machine That Will Pay?

Online slot machines have been able to steal the show from land-based models thanks to the large jackpots and game modes offered. Today, there are many online slot machines with different winnings possibilities. In order to enjoy a good online casino experience, you need to be able to recognize the slot machine that will pay out. To do this, there are some factors to consider.


Take into account volatility

When choosing sloty online Polska, it is interesting to consider volatility. For beginners, this can be difficult to determine, but it is not. The volatility of a slot machine is how often you can win when playing it. There are three levels of volatility: high, medium and low volatility. The choice depends on your playing habits or your strategy.

  • High Volatility

First, you can choose a slot machine with high volatility. Playing with this modality offers you high payouts. The only consequence is that the profits become less regular. When you make your winning bet, you will be forced to play for a certain amount of time before you get your next win.

A slot machine with this volatility will be appreciated by players looking for adrenaline. They are patient and expect big winnings, which they can achieve after long games.

  • Medium volatility

Slot machines with medium volatility offer more or less regular and sizeable payouts. Players who don’t want to take too much risk may choose this modality.

  • Low Volatility

The last level of volatility is called low or low volatility. Indeed, even if the gains are not comparable to other levels of volatility, they are nevertheless very frequent. Therefore, a slot machine with low volatility will pay regularly. Here you will take minimal risk, while winning more often.

In fact, the choice of volatility level will depend on your goals. To find out the volatility of a slot machine, you will need to go into the game and click on “Settings”. This tab contains important information about the game, including volatility levels. If you can’t find the mod you want, you can find the information on the game provider’s website.

Many review sites can also tell you about the volatility level of the slot machine. The lower it is, the more often you are guaranteed to get winnings.

Check the payout ratio

In addition to volatility, you can tell if a slot machine will pay out by its payout ratio (TRJ). It expresses, on average, the percentage of winnings that players can get after their bets. In the casino market, this modality remains highly variable. The redistribution ratio ranges from 85% to 98%. When this value is high, it means that you have a better chance of winning.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose slot machines that offer 96% TRJ. Indeed, some casinos may specify values that they do not respect. For this, it will be important to opt for those with a license.

In fact, casinos with a recognized license are controlled. License providers guarantee that payout rates are within the specified values. As in the previous case, the TRJ can be specified in the game settings. In the same context, specialized sites can also inform you about these terms.

Choose based on jackpots


Finding out which slot machines will bring payouts is not always easy. However, innocuous modalities should get your attention. For example, jackpots are great informative data. Even if you can get regular winnings, there may be occasions when you are lucky enough to win a jackpot.

The trick to recognizing a slot machine that is going to pay out is pretty simple. The bigger the jackpot, the less likely the slot is to pay out. So, choose slots that offer modest unexpected winnings, this is proof that the slot machine is going to pay.

Choose by the date of the slots


As cliché as it may seem, the date of appearance of slot machines is a modality to consider. It lets you know if the slot will actually pay out. Casinos today are pulling strings to retain players, and that includes the creation of new slot machines.

Thus, the goal of adding a slot machine to an existing list is to interest as many players as possible. The only way to do this is to offer regular or large payouts. To that end, a new slot machine is a good choice if you plan to win often.

This ease of acquisition can be seen for some time. As soon as a new slot comes along, the one that offered regular winnings will stop doing so. To that end, learn about new games and try your luck. The newer the slot, the more it pays.

Choose lesser-known slots

The slot machine that will pay is not necessarily the one everyone plays. In fact, sometimes it is the other way around. The goal of casino operators is to make their slot machines at least profitable. To do this, people have to play it.

To attract as many players as possible, casino operators will offer interesting and regular winnings on slot machines that no one is interested in. To do this, depending on the casino you choose, look for the slots that are least approached.

By doing a quick search online, you can find out. So when a casino has slots that are not available to the public, you can be sure that they will pay off. However, if you don’t plan to bet real money, there are plenty of tricks that will make you win.

That’s why you need to choose slot machines that offer plenty of bonuses. This is a way to play for free with the possibility of real winnings. Free spins are a concrete example. On the other hand, slot machines can be based on randomness. For example, you have to play it when you get lucky.

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