5 Incredible Reasons Why Bowling Is Popular In Melbourne

If you’re an ardent bowling fan, there’s no better place to call home than in Melbourne, Australia. The city’s people breathe it, let alone play it on a regular basis. But the reason for this deep rooting of the game lies beyond sheer admiration of its thrilling fun.

As a popular game after ice skating and cycling, bowling has seemingly won the heart of numerous people in the city. And while there’s so much to love about this game, it’s what surrounds it that makes it a darling among the city’s people. Here are the reasons that make bowling popular in Melbourne.

1. Numerous bowling alleys

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Melbourne is flocked with bowling alleys across the city, making it easy and convenient to take on the lanes. Currently, there are a dozen bowling alleys, all offering top-quality gaming and entertainment, drawing numerous people to their enticing calls.

Besides, it only cost a little cash to get all entertained, and this low pricing gives them bowling an edge. It’s typical to spot multitudes gathering around the alleys at the weekends, thrusting balls and enjoying karaoke sessions in the background.

2. Bowling culture

The bowling trails in Australia trace way back into the distant past and have ingrained a culture that appears to be getting bolder by the day. Bowling has been an active form of entertainment for the past centuries, and it seems like the baton keeps moving forward into modern times. Although there are numerous popular games that the people of Melbourne fancy indulging in, bowling seemingly takes the top spot, coming after cycling and ice skating.

3. The love for leisure bowling

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Bowling is a suitable pastime activity in Melbourne, and it’s easy to spot massive crowds inside bowling alleys during the holidays or weekends. During this time, people flock in colossal numbers trying to get hold of the balls and take on the lanes. Most of them would find a perfect spot in the alleys to pop a beer and share light moments. Others would be out capturing the moment with their families and catching up with long lost friends.

4. A cheaper form of leisure

Unlike all forms of leisure activities, bowling in Melbourne is available at a throwing price, and the fun that people amass is priceless. A regular bowling session would only cost a mere $25, which is way cheaper than other gaming forms. Finding cheaper bowling alleys isn’t challenging either. To get one, you can visit https://www.zonebowling.com/venues. Besides, fun is always guaranteed, giving bowling a boost in popularity in Melbourne.

5. Vigorously active city people

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The people of Melbourne are incredibly outgoing and won’t mind spending time outside the confines of their homes. That makes them overly adventurous and would jump at any chance that promises a chance for a unique experience.

And since bowling is among the most social games that allow limitless interactions, it’s become prevalent in the city. It offers an ideal venue to find newer people and interact at different levels, making it a revered sport.


Melbourne is synonymous with incredibly active and outgoing people who feed and breathe bowling, making it a popular sport in the city. Besides, it’s a deep-rooted tradition, tracing way back deeper into the past. Also, adding to the fact that it’s a cheaper form of entertainment and fun, it adds to its incredible likeability in the city.

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