How to use QR codes for FIFA World Cup Watch Parties

The FIFA World Cup watch party is where a group gathers to watch a football game at someone’s home, a sports bar or restaurant, or even a public viewing area.

And with QR codes, it’s easier for fans to attend or access this event, whether in-venue or virtual.

QR codes are a convenient and efficient way to share information and provide access to online resources, so they can be helpful tools for organizing and promoting watch parties.

If you are planning a watch party and want to use a QR code, you can easily create a QR code using a reliable QR code generator to provide a seamless experience.

How can you use this QR code to make your watch party accessible? Check out these use cases:



QR codes make it possible for hosts to interact with and invite soccer fans from abroad.

Invite friends to watch parties for the FIFA World Cup using QR codes. Watch the World Cup tournament using a Youtube QR code they can access with one scan.

You can embed YouTube links to a QR code, share it with your guests, and enjoy a live stream of the tournament wherever your watch party is.



Send out Google Form QR codes to register your guests. This way, you can confirm the number of guests attending your watch party.

It’s a more organized option where it serves as an RSVP, and you can also add specific details like their preferred snacks and favorite team.

This can be a convenient and efficient way to track event attendance, allowing you to collect and track information quickly and easily.

Paid entrance


Sports bars offer different promotions during the FIFA World Cup to boost sales. Hosting a watch party is one of the anticipated events during the football season.

These watch parties are exclusive and usually have paid entrance to join. To attend the paid event, customers must purchase a ticket in advance, either online or at the event venue.

Including a QR code on the tickets allow the ticket holder to present the QR code to be scanned by a person in charge with a QR code reader at the event venue.

This allows for quick and easy entry to the watch party and eliminates the need for physical tickets.

QR code event tickets are a convenient and efficient way to manage event attendance and can help reduce ticket fraud risk.

Paid attendance helps to cover the costs of organizing and hosting the event, and it is a common way for event organizers to generate revenue.

It’s an easy, hassle-free, and contactless solution that sports bars can use when hosting watch parties.

Game schedules

Most websites have game schedules, but fans may need help finding them. Searching for them on the web might give them many results, but they will need to find out which ones are right.

It will take time to find a legitimate website with real-time game schedules.

With a URL QR code, fans can quickly get to official websites by scanning the code. It helps them make sure that the posted schedules are correct and accurate.



Want to take your watch party to the next level?

Promote your watch party using jerseys with QR codes. Create a one-of-a-kind invite with a customized landing page using an H5 QR code generator.

You can include all the basic information about the event, like the date, time, and venue. Curious soccer fans will be encouraged to scan your QR code.

QR codes on jerseys are a relatively new development in sports. Sometimes, QR codes are used on sports jerseys to provide additional information about the team or the players.

Create a QR code for your watch party today


Offering QR code solutions for a watch party provides added convenience. You don’t have to review several results before clicking on the right links to watch the tournament.

Bring your snacks, wear your favorite team’s color, and enjoy an awesome FIFA World Cup 2024 watch party using QR codes.

QR codes are an ideal and versatile marketing tool. It’s a low-cost but advanced solution that you can use to promote your campaign.

If you’re planning to use QR codes for your next watch party, choose QRTIGER, the best QR code generator software. It has an advanced data tracking feature and creates professional, customizable, high-quality QR codes.

Visit QRTIGER and create your customized QR code today!

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