4 Things You Need to Know About Playing Slots Online

Playing online slots can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of your life. And we’re not even talking about landing on the list pokies net either, which can leave you wealthier than your wildest dreams. The real joy for many people is how much fun they can have and the great joy it brings just to experience a few average wins from time to time.

To get the most out of playing them online, here are some things worth noting before you begin.

1. Free Spins Bonuses Are Worth Claiming


A visit to any online casino will usually mean that you can get a bonus just for creating an account with the site. These welcome bonuses are available to any new member to the casino and are usually quite attractive. For instance, getting a set number of free spins on a specific game are one of the most common bonus types you’ll encounter and they are totally worth it.

Although there are wagering requirements to meet if you end up winning on a free spin bonus, it’s still a totally risk-free chance to check out the game and try your luck.

2. Make the Biggest Initial Deposit You Can

When you make your first deposit to a new online casino, there’s also a reward in it. For example, one of the most popular type of deposit bonus is when the casino will double whatever you add to your account over a certain minimum and up to a stated maximum.

Therefore, to take full advantage of this, it would make sense to deposit as much as you plan to play with during your first deposit or subsequent ones when the site offers a similar bonus for that as well.

3. Choose Your Game By RTP


The themes of different slot games are one of the things that make them so exciting. But you shouldn’t hyper focus on just that without paying attention to other important aspects as well. One of those elements is the Return to Player or RTP of a specific game.

This is what tells you the percentage of the game’s earnings that are going to go back to players who hit winning combinations. So, look for the games with the highest Return to Player and you’re may be more likely to win, or win in bigger amounts when you do get lucky.

4. Bet the Maximum on Progressives


Progressive slot games are the most popular because they are the games with the largest pay outs. Winning one of these can often mean that you end up with millions in an instant, so it’s easy to see why players love them.

Just remember that in order to win those huge jackpots that attracted you in the first place, the game usually requires you to make the max bet which can get pricy. So you should take into account the denomination of the game and whether this is feasible for you before you select the game to play.

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