5 The Most Mystical Events Associated With Casinos

Today we are going to discuss mystical events that are associated with casinos and gambling. There are countless examples of this ranging from superstitious behaviors to objects believed to impart the holder some degree of luck.

Examples of this exist on both sides of the coin; some things to seek out that provide good luck and some things to avoid that will bring misfortune. We will be covering the 5 most popular and prominent mystical events that are associated with casinos and gambling as a whole.

1. Handling Money


When handling your money at the casino, did you know that there are things that you shouldn’t do? Supposedly, you shouldn’t ever count your money (or chips) while you are playing. While this might seem ridiculous at a glance, it does make sense when you really begin to think about it. Often you do this if you are successful at gambling.

While this in itself is not something that will necessarily lead to bad luck, it is important to consider the conventional wisdom that pride precedes a fall. How flaunting one’s winnings may seem impolite, such superstition encourages players to be more respectful of the other players around them. Another valid rule of thumb that people tend to follow is to not lend other players their money.

The general belief behind this is that it is money that you may not get back, and there is no chance of a greater return with this money as there would be if you instead decided to gamble it. It is also important to consider that people believe this could be seen as giving away your good luck; imagine the sour taste it would leave in your mouth if someone you’ve lent money to would then hit a big win immediately after you’ve done so.

2. Lucky at Cards, Unlucky in Love


There is a well-known saying that those who are lucky at cards are unlucky in love. This essentially means that if you are lucky when it comes to gambling you will be unlucky in your romantic life. While there may be some people that stand as obvious exceptions to this rule, it doesn’t mean that the statement holds no truth to it. Since in this instance the reverse also applies; some people may believe that being lucky in love would make them unlucky in terms of gambling.

The basis for this thought is largely due to people thinking that if you are lucky in one facet of your life you are using up your luck and therefore you are less likely to be lucky in others. Although, this is not to say that you should break off your relationship before heading to the casino of course.

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3. Superstitious Rituals


Most people have their own superstitious habits in one form or another, but more often than anywhere else you will find gamblers having the strongest and sometimes most ridiculous rituals. That being said, there is a lot of history and a large precedent set for some of these ritualistic behaviors. For example, in Chinese culture, the color red is incredibly important as it signifies wealth, joy and luck amongst other positive things.

A more specific example of this is the red envelopes that are handed out to friends and family during significant events such as the Lunar New Year. The deep history behind this has led to many gamblers adopting this belief themselves. Statistically, it has been found that players betting on roulette favors betting on red over black. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, many gamblers also end up wearing red clothing when they are out at the casino in an attempt to give themselves an edge.

There are a lot of other superstitious rituals that players follow. Some of these are small things that they will do during play and others are drastic changes in the way they play all together. For example:

  • Blowing on dice before throwing them;
  • Crossing your fingers at the table for good luck. (But not your legs, this is considered bad luck!);
  • Not leaving the table you are playing at, or alternatively frequently changing the table you are playing at;
  • Stacking your chips in a certain way;
  • Not using the front entrance of the casino.

4. Lucky Charms


So it is common knowledge that there are certain items that are known to provide the holder with a bit of good luck. There are items that are traditionally regarded as such, but there are also personal belongings that have been with an individual through lucky times that end up holding significant value as a token of good luck to them.

This extends beyond the casino as people will keep these items on their person to keep themselves surrounded by good luck in their daily lives. Often these items are something like a piece of clothing or jewelry such as a ring or a necklace.

A great example of a more unique good luck charm is the charm held by Heidi Klum, a famous model and designer. She carries a bag of her own baby teeth on her person wherever she goes, in the belief that it brings her good luck. Outside of these personal items, there are the aforementioned traditional good luck charms. The charms used vary depending on culture, but some are steeped in a deep and rich history spanning hundreds of years. The most popular examples of these charms include:

  • Four-leaf clovers.
  • A rabbit’s foot.
  • A horseshoe.
  • A maneki-neko, which is a Japanese figurine of a cat with a beckoning gesture.

5. Lucky (or Unlucky) Numbers


In the top spot for the most mystical events associated with casinos, there was only one clear choice. Every person at one point or another has had a run-in with lucky or unlucky numbers and this is especially true for gamblers.

With casino games often lending themselves to a system that involves numbers, it was inevitable that some numbers would be regarded as lucky and some as unlucky by the players. While a lot of casino-goers will have their own unique numbers that they regard as lucky, such as a birthday or another significant date in their lives, there are also numbers that are universally regarded as either lucky or unlucky numbers due to factors such as tradition and history in various regions of the world. Despite the origin points varying wildly, these numbers are now universally regarded as either lucky or unlucky by people everywhere.

Let’s take a look at some lucky and unlucky numbers

The Number The Definition
3 A lucky number in China (pronounced san), considered lucky due to sounding like the Chinese word for birth.
4 An unlucky number in China as the pronunciation is similar to the Chinese word for death. Chinese buildings often skip having a fourth floor as a result of this.
7 A very important and lucky number in Japan, deeply rooted in Buddhism but also based around the Seven Gods of Luck in Japanese folklore.
8 The luckiest number in China, it is mostly associated with wealth and good fortune.
9 Unlucky in Japan because it sounds like the Japanese word for suffering or torture.
13 Widely regarded as unlucky across western culture.



Of course, these mystical beliefs vary from person to person, some gamblers believe in some more than others, but the ones listed here are the most widespread and practiced. While it is easy to write these things off as coincidence, more often than not they do have some percent of being true. After all, it is interesting how they become so widely spread and well-known.

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