7 Things You Need to Know About the Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Strategy

In order to get to the point of the title, we need to clarify certain things and terms at the very beginning of this article, such as crypto arbitrage. It is a kind of trading strategy when the investor or trader manages to profit from the small price differences of currencies or digital assets, in one or more exchange markets.

According to many, this is a very safe way to profit and capitalize on your assets, as there are limited risks involved. Others think that this way is not so easy, but still less risky than others. Keep in mind that all this does not make it completely safe, but really only the risk is limited and gives you the feeling that you have control over your actions.


Crypto arbitrage is also a common type of trading for experienced investors, where returns are almost guaranteed. Arbitration is present in the classic financial market, and in the crypto market it opens certain opportunities, especially because it is available globally, 24/7 and someone is constantly active.

The price of cryptocurrencies varies from minute to minute, and arbitrage traders can recognize the moment when it is the lowest and then invest, and sell it even in a few hours, which would give a small but reliable profit. There is no need to use special platforms for this, as it is done through those we already know, such as

Before you can use this method, you need to know a few more things, for example:

1. Types of crypto arbitrage strategies


As you can see, there is more than one approach to doing this, so we will do our best to explain them well.

Cross-exchange arbitrage is the most basic form when a trader sells the crypto capital he owns to make a profit or exchange it for another currency.

Spatial arbitrage is a subtype of the previous one, with the only difference being that it is geographically focused on a certain region, ie the one who buys or sells wants to do it in a specific place.

Triangular arbitrage is capitalization when the difference in value between currencies decreases and the trader wants to profit from the difference.

2. It is a strategy that comes with less risk

The crypto market is completely unpredictable, but that does not mean that it is impossible to profit, especially if you have a strategy to do so. If you can predict the possibilities of arbitrage while trading, then you are a winner anyway. You should know that risk will always exist, but it will be less than using analytics and other available tools in classical trading.

Of course, it is not intended for long-term trading, because the whole point is to notice the right moment and react immediately, instead of waiting for things to become more favorable for you. Due to small stakes and limited profits, arbitrage strategies are considered safer for those who trade cryptocurrencies.

3. Is this type of arbitrage legal?


Such activities in the crypto market are legal and are quite expected because they exist in the standard system of financial trading. The difference is that with cryptocurrencies you do not have a uniform strategy, but you need to adjust it according to the current situation. The prices of cryptocurrencies are volatile and everyone who is actively part of this world knows that.

4. What factors make it possible?

Economics clearly defines the conditions, but we ourselves know that in the crypto world the laws of classical science do not apply. To be a successful trader, you must follow the trends and learn from them.

For example, the liquidity of cryptocurrencies is variable, and more exchanges are available to you, transactions are very fast and you can make a profit based on where you are and where the other end-user is located. It is normal for there to be differences in the prices of cryptocurrencies and this can change literally overnight. If you manage to recognize the moment for that, you can very successfully make enough profit, without great risks of loss.

5. This strategy is short-term


You can not plan to make millions with this strategy, because it is a short-term plan to earn a dollar more than you already have. You have to be careful, although we have already said that the risks are much lower compared to the rules that are relevant to the standard financial system.

6. Sometimes you have to pay higher fees

One of the disadvantages of such fast trading is the deposits and stakes, as well as the fees that come with them, so according to many, in certain situations, it is not even possible to profit. This does not mean that there is no potential, but that you need to plan your activities more carefully and recognize the moment when trading will be really profitable for you – that is when you will not spend the profit on commissions.

7. There is not much interest in this type of trading


Although it is attractive, the volume of such trading is incomparably smaller than the usual one. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are traded on different platforms in one day, but the fact is that arbitrage is not one of the most attractive options on the market. This is good to know so you can define your expectations.


Cryptocurrency trading, exchange, and selling are financial activities that are not a joke, especially if you have previously invested in them. It is up to you to choose the method that really suits you and whose risk you can accept, without them getting upset if there is a loss. Arbitrage is a slow method of small profit and for some it suits, but others want faster profit for higher amounts. However, the market is still volatile and risky, and it is up to you how much risk you are willing to take.

We hope that you now understand what is arbitrage strategy in crypto trades and exchanges, and you will use it smartly in the future.

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